Barat-Aral AT-28 "Wasp"


Type Light, AntiTank  Rocketlauncher
Service history
In service 2130–present
Production history
Designer Barat Aral
Designed 2127
Manufacturer Barat Aral
Produced 2129–present
Weight 10 kg (25 lb)
Length 70.5 cm (2  ft 3 34 in)
Width 16cm (6.5in)

Cartridge Single Shot
Caliber 150.7mm. (Fires 150mm. Rockets)
Muzzle velocity 250 m/s (820 ft/s)
Effective firing range 17 to 600 m (19 to 660 yd)
Filling EFP - Explosively Formed Penetrator (original version, now replaced with multipurpose blast warhead)


- M_s_GrenadeLauncher_Class_(Permanent)

- Energy_Trembler_(Permanent)

- Red_Sight_(Permanent)

The AT-28 Wasp (Warhead-Autonomy Soldier independence Project), is a lightweight, close range missile system developed and produced by Barat Aral ArmsTech. It is designed to complement the Drexia MultiPurpouse MissileLauncher The Wasp is a fire-and-forget weapon utilizing a pre-launch system where the gunner tracks the target three seconds before launch and the internal system measures target speed and direction and is used in conjunction with known missile flight performance to predict where the target will be when the missile is in a position to intercept. The missile's flight path overflies the target aim point. A dual laser and magnetic sensor detects the target and triggers the detonation of the warhead. The laser sensor locates the positions of the leading and trailing edges of the tank, and the magnetic sensor provides confirmation of the position of the tank. The missile also uses an inertial guidance unit that guides the weapon over the predicted intercept point, compensating for crosswind and launcher motion (the launcher may be mounted on or fired from a vehicle). For direct attacks the missile acts as an unguided, flattened trajectory, line-of-sight weapon and the warhead detonates on impact.



The missile is produced in two variants, each with a separate weapons payload.

The AT-28 A features a downward-firing top attack warhead activated by a dual sensor fuse, and is intended for use as an anti-armor weapon.

The AT-28 B features a multi-purpose blast-fragmentation warhead, and is intended for use as an assault weapon. Also known as the AT -28B WASP-MPV


The Wasp is a useful complement for the Drexia since it has a significantly shorter minimum range, especially in direct attack mode where it can be fired window to window across a typical street. It is also much lighter than Javelin which makes carrying one or more additional rounds easier where the situation warrants or allows a lighter and shorter range solution. Additionally, because it utilizes a different guidance mechanism it is more difficult to defeat both threats with a single defense. It can also be carried by every member of the platoon, giving infantry units increased firepower and survivability against enemy armor.


- Tripod / Automated tripod

- Optics link / Wireless optics link

- Forward grip

- Shoulder stock

- Chin/shoulder resting points

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