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Race: Anshiri

Planet Origin: Various - But they are most famous for being found on Neptune's, and Neptune's Moons frozen waters.

Race Age: Roughly 1000 Years Old

Language: Unknown - Research by Verga'an and Shivan find it impossible to translate their actual language as it does not use natural vocal cords or sound waves - instead they use their machines to speak.

The Anshiri can communicate with one another telepathically, whenever they’re within speaking range of each other.

Accent: Various - but notable accents they've had as strange as it is, is Jamaican, Cajun, Creole, French, and Canadian.

Average Life Span: 50-300


The Anshiri themselves look like sea slugs and aren't much bigger, roughly getting to about 1 foot in size with various girths, colors, tendril styles, and shapes. It's generally agreed that all Anshiri tend to have 6 eyes with side ways pupils and can see a range of colors that no other species can, much like Mantis Shrimp or Octopuses. Usually never seen for very long outside of their 'bodies' they tend to be in visibly mechanical bodies in some kind of liquid filled chamber. The bodies much like most cybernetic species tend to vary. As a final note most Anshiri that are hooked up to their machines tend to look like they've been hooked up physically and bio-engineered into their bodies (IE tubes through their bodies, wires, etc and looking like organic parts). It's also been noted that mechanical parts they have bound with are able to regenerate much like a wounded human.


Anshiri are almost annoyingly friendly, they have this thing about trust that seems impossible for anyone. They tend to believe everyone has a better side to them and that all can be trusted. This of course has made it easy to 'abuse' that trust from other races. They are also always striving to advance their technology even further than what they already have making them very curious about all things around them.

Solar System Influence:

Anshiri are of the 3 advanced technology races that openly share their technology and in turn helped advanced technology in the solar system to an understandable level for the races that were not as advanced with technology. They are also the most evolved race and said to be the key to evolution for other races thus making them one of the major targets for biology research.


Anshiri have a complicated civilization structure due to their origin of being discovered as single cell organism in frozen waters on a few planets and moons. Their sudden evolution surprised the explorers that discovered them, and simply blended in with the Shivan. The Anshiri civilization before evolution is simple, nothing but single cell organisms in frozen water, but once they evolved out of that habitat they blended in with the Shivan cultures. Of course this didn't mean they lived the same way. Anshiri colonies back in the explorer days were strange, and usually found in bodies of water, almost like underwater cities on whatever moon or planet they were on. When they weren't in underwater cities they were making some strange living cities that never stayed in one area for long. To nutshell this little history the Anshiri are a Nomadic species that never stays in one place for too long when not in water, but are quite stationary when they have cities built in certain depths of the water, and most of their buildings and technology is bio-mechanical.


The Anshiri being a Nomadic species found on various planets and moons with bodies of water have no true government system, rather the stationary Anshiri have a diplomatic system, while nomadic Anshiri have a Tribe system with a Chief and 2 advisors.

Anshiri Representative:

Gaspar Tao'Gakeshk

   'I welcome you friens Oui? How can Gaspar be helping you merveilleux people?'

   'Oui Gaspar is more than willing to share Anshiri History! Jus' ask wha chu wan' Ol' Gaspar to answer!'

   'Our Origins? Hohoho Tha's a simple wone, we came from all ova, but we like Callin' Neptune our home mon cheris, nice an' cold out there near tha edge of tha system'

   'Our par' in history, qu'est-ce que c'est, Is. . . complicated you coul' say, fo' a while we lived with the Shivan those won'erful people, but they always wan' to see wha' we made out of, Si pas fou'

   'Then you those Verga'an, always wan'in us to be weapons, ain' wha' we wanna be doin' ya know, far too many thin's to learn abou' the universe, can' go dealin' with no war'

   'Ooh Chil' the splicas and mutan's? We still tryin' to make 'em equal rights with all the other, how you say, Sentients? of this system, ain' no trouble to us none though'

   'Speakin' a which Mon Cheris I got some thin's to handle back home iffin' ya don' min''

*The interview ended but. . . none of the interviewers even remotely understood what he was going on about. . . they aren't even sure he shared any history*


Anshiri view all as friends, in fact much like shivan who don't view other races as lesser and equal, the Anshiri are almost dangerously trusting of the other races.

*Humans: Hello Neighbor! Humans to the Anshiri seem find humans as a sort of 'adaptable cousin' of sorts. Since humans adapt so easily to anything in their environment they find a sort of semblance with the species that they don't with other species. Just the same their friendliness toward the race tends to annoy the humans, and their trusting nature tends to let humans take advantage of them, over and over and over again.

*Drevii: We're not so bad. Anshiri find the Drevii to be good people deep down, but they have difficulty getting along with the drevii not because the way they're treated, but more because the drevii tend to be disgusted by the Anshiri's physical appearance.

*Cybernetics: Ooh is that the new model? Anshiri don't 'hate' the Cybernetics, and they aren't 'trying' to cause them harm, but to the Anshiri seeing a Cybernetic is like automotive enthusiasts going to a car show to see those rare and hard to get cars that have been decked out, and they have a tweak to 'take it out for a spin'. It makes them seem more like parasites than usual.

*Mytharii: No, We're not food. Anshiri have nothing against Mytharii that could be counted as hostile, but they do tend to be cautious of the cat people, probably the only race that puts the Anshiri on edge.

*Splicers: Respect, and still useful. Anshiri find the Splicers to be a rather interesting race due to their origin, sure it was a war based origin, but the Anshiri think, despite the more weaponized Splicers thinking they're useless, that the splicers still have use even in everyday life. Which make the Anshiri one of the biggest Mutant/Splicer sympathizers in the system.

*Mutants: Are We Troubling You? Mutants tend to envy how respected the Anshiri are and the Anshiri aren't sure why themselves, is it something they did? Is their race at fault for why mutants are treated poorly? They just can't wrap their advanced minds around this mystery. Regardless Anshiri tend to want to help the Mutants fit in with society more than anything else.

*Verga'an: We ARE making sense! The Verga'an never knew the Anshiri existed or even acknowledged their existence until the sudden development of space technology by the Anshiri - that's when they had to give their full attention to this race. This of course made them the target of Verga'an research to try and weaponize the people and more about them. . . yet somehow Anshiri avoid having this happen to them. The very least the Anshiri act just as friendly to the race, they still don't understand their desire for conflict though.

*Shivan: We Thank Our Hosts. Even if they want to dissect the Anshiri people and experiment on their dead and their technology, they have a great level of thanks for uncovering them from their frozen prisons and allowing them access to their technology to advance themselves. This was only a stepping stone for them however, even the Shivan were surprised when they developed a strange and unique bio-mechanical science.

Race Rumors:

1): A Brachiswater

2): Can't take salt

3): Can speak whale

4): Cutting one in half makes a new Anshiri along with itself

5): Can regrow limbs

6): Are a form of leech for machines.

7): Are what happens when you microwave a petri dish

8): Are what happens when single cell organisms don't get a chance to evolve due to being frozen.

9): Are actually not done evolving

10): Supposedly have a far more primal and gigantic subspecies that thinks with instinct and are famous in Japan *Wink Wink*

11): Are supposedly like balls of slime

12): Have no physical sense of feeling.

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