Organization Name: Barat Aral Incorporated

Organization Size: Mega Corporation

Primary Product: Military Hardware for Land and Atmospheric combat.

Location of Headquarters: Venus

Estimated Number Of Employees: 25-50 Million.

Defining characteristics:TBA

Major events of System-wide importance: TBA


CEO: Saratai Aral and Taeri Barat are primary shareholders.

Second In Command / Major Board Members: TBA

Major locations of influence: While Venus holds the seat of power and much of the administration, production and research-facilities are located on Mars in the Venusian Sector because of tax benefits.

Minor locations of influence: B-A military hardware is fielded most frequently by the Drevii but, given how many of their products do not require extensive (many barely even require any at all) knowledge on the use of magika, it is safe to assume B-A aims beyond the borders of its own race.

Average level of technology: Overall, Very High.

Notable events: TBA


Allies with: Scorpion Security Solutions

Competitors: Naminus LTD Lapadeia PLC

Treaties: TBA

Alliances: TBA

Notable events: TBA


Likelyhood of resorting to illegal means: Medium - High. Facing over 10 000 legal disputes per standard year, there is little doubt that while the company rarely loses, it is by no means a saint.

Legal prowess: High. Many comedians joke that B-As law-team is far and away the most capable weapon ever produced by the firm.

Illegal prowess: High. Given the fairly moderate amount of cases where the company is proven to be acting in unlawful ways, it can only be surmised that the ones committing whatever malignant biddings required are highly skilled at doing so.

Security measures: Medium. After the cessation of the System War, the overall need for B-A products suffered a significant blow. As a result, the company has been forced to terminate contracts with many of the companies keeping its assets safe. The emergence of multiple new products aimed at regular consumers with striking resemblance to previously patented B-A wares is a strong indication towards multiple successful thefts of technology from the company.

Notable events: TBA


Estimated total net worth: Not available to the public.

Signature wares: TBA

Main wares for export: TBA

Main wares for import: TBA

Notable events:


Major research focus:

Minor research focus:

Notable scientific breakthroughs:

Notable scientific setbacks.


Major, positive organization-wide events:

Major, negative organization-wide events:

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