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Colony Security
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Territory Earth - Dawn Colony

Colony Security (COLSEC)

During the meteoric rise of EarthGOV in the wake of the gate incident, the company took to building and restoring cities across the globe, which are referred to as colonies. Because these colonies are directly owned by EarthGOV, it was only natural for the company to seek methods of protecting their property. However, after the disaster at the gate incident, there was a dilemma in that around the globe, there were now more weapons than living beings. No ordinary police force could possibly manage to keep hyper-violent gangs of marauders and criminal enterprises at bay. In comes COLSEC. Given military training, equipment, and the promise of great paycheck, these officers devote themselves to protecting EarthGOV’s investments in Earth colonies.

Speak to the COLSEC commander to join! Applications are in the COLSEC station lobby!
(Please apply in character)

Faction Alignment: Any Lawful
Faction Leader: Kal Southpaw


EarthGov’s Colony Security (COLSEC for short, formerly known as CPD) are a highly militarized police organization. Each colony has a chapter of officers who reports to a commander, who in turn reports to the Directorship of EarthGOV. The main purpose of COLSEC is to protect EarthGOV’s property and interests through show of overwhelming force.

Slang and Speech

EarthGOV positions itself as having supreme ownership of the colonies and those who live within them. As the security chapter of a large corporation, they inherit a blend of traditional military terminology and an understanding of corporate structure and policy.

Abort: Terminate current mission or action and withdraw..

Tango: A potentially hostile party.

Sierra: A non-enemy entity such as a citizen or other neutral party.

Citizen: A term for a colonist, they don’t matter.

Director: The executive leadership of the company, which also acts as commander in chief.

Embedded: A civilian who is accompanying the officers, for purposes such as journalism.

Asset: An EarthGov employee or other VIP being protected by a detail.

Gun: A mortar or artillery piece. Does not refer to a pistol or rifle.

Weapon: Your pistol, rifle or other means of attack.

Weapons Free:  An order meaning you are cleared to engage the enemy if necessary.

Weapons Tight: An order meaning you are not to engage the enemy without explicit orders.

Liability: Any person who EarthGOV deems undesirable. Treat with hostility and excessively punish them at any opportunity.

Voluntold: To be instructed to volunteer for something. Something that is technically voluntary but is understood to be mandatory.

Say Again: A request to repeat a radio transmission. Never say ‘Repeat’ over the radio.


  1. Always wear your uniform and rank when on duty. See Uniforms for more information.
  2. Always respect, and protect fellow employees. Non-COLSEC EGov employees are considered VIPs and must be guarded at all times. Remember proper military etiquette around your superiors. See Etiquette for more information.
  3. Always file your own reports. Reports are vital, because they keep the rest of us informed when you aren't around. We can look up what you were working on last and how to handle the situation, or look up a criminal's list of violations easily when you have filed your report. It's hard to do our job when we don't do our part. Reports are also one of the biggest deciding factors in your promotions. If you never filed a report vs the officer who files a detailed one every week, who do you think is getting promoted? Absolute failure to file any reports at all can result in your termination.
  4. Do not question orders, follow them, file a complaint later. Refusing a direct order will be met with demotion, dismissal, or execution.
  5. Keep Comms on whether on or off duty, always report what you are doing at all times, check in every step of the way. It makes it easier for us to locate you when you get in trouble
  6. Never patrol alone, always take at least one other person with you.
  7. Never let any directors or employees leave the tower unattended. Assume the role of their personal security.
  8. Be aware of your surroundings, always ‘keep your head on a swivel’ looking around you and at all things.
  9. Always help and teach recruits what you know. Show them the ropes.
  10. Never hoard, when collecting resources; remember your comrades. Bring excess gear and supplies to your superiors or the Armory officer.


• “EarthGOV - A brighter future.”

Aligned Actions

• Protecting VIPs and EarthGOV assets

• Providing equipment for new officers in the ranks

• Punishing all forms of dissention against EarthGOV

• Filling out reports - Proving that you’re earning your paycheck

• Performing training exercises and simulations

• Brown-nosing the higher ups

• Pushing your weight around as COLSEC

Non-Aligned Actions == • Allowing EarthGOV assets or property to be destroyed, failure to prevent damages.

• Voicing or allowing negative opinions of EarthGOV or it’s personnel.

• Disobeying or questioning an order from a superior.

• Not protecting and covering for fellow employees and officers, whether legal, moral, or otherwise.

Etiquette == COLSEC operatives should maintain self-discipline and present professional etiquette while serving with the department. All personal problems are to be left at home. Work and personal life should remain in their respective areas; any employee mixing the two can be reprimanded.

Any enlisted, be it from another department or branch, are to be treated no differently. We all serve EarthGOV Corp. Any enlisted or personnel of higher rank or of authoritative level are to be treated with respect and all orders given are to be followed promptly. Officers are to be addressed with a salute when indoors. Superior officers are to be greeted by rank at all times, such as “Good morning, Major.” Disrespect or misbehavior will not be tolerated.

Do not salute outside. Saluting outdoors reveals to snipers and attackers who the highest rank is.

Suggested Phrases

“Greetings Citizen, please present your ID for scanning”

“Halt Citizen! Official COLSEC business.”

“Citizen, pick up that can.”

“Be Well, Citizen.”

Colonist Classifications == Non-employee citizens carry one of two classifications - “Assets” and “Liabilities.” These two classes of citizens receive different treatment from EarthGOV.

Assets: Colonists who generally do not damage EarthGOV business. Many factors go into this decision. For example, having a negative opinion of EarthGOV makes one less likely to be considered an asset, because they hurt the propaganda and advertising that EarthGOV needs to meet sales projections. Assets are to be treated respectfully and courteously at all times. Even if they are drunk and disorderly, they should simply be stuck in a drunk tank or escorted home.

Liabilities: Colonists who are more likely to damage EarthGOV business. The company would rather discourage these colonists from having access to colony resources, and actively tries to make these colonists uncomfortable to meet that objective. These colonists are often major dissenters, constant criminals, or unstable individuals. It is encouraged to give liabilities a harsh welcome, dealing out a heavy hand over even minor infractions.

Uniform == While the majority of the uniform is optional, the standard issue EarthGOV chestplate is non-negotiable. This single piece of the uniform is what will always set us apart from the common riff-raff in the wastes and streets. It is public knowledge that criminal organizations have stolen military grade munitions, uniforms, and other non-standard materials, to address this, the chestplate is highly standardized and instantly recognizable. This easily sets us apart from armed hoards, and the Space Pirates who may have pilfered our supply convoys. Failure to uphold this singular mandatory requirement will result in punishment.

ID Chips == It is COLSEC.'s duty to protect the law abiding civilians from unsavoury terrorists, criminals, monsters and mutants that lurked the dark crevices of the city. To filter out the innocent from the more dangerous threats, IDs are implanted in the civilians and patrols are sent out to perform mandatory ID checks to ensure the constant safety of the citizens.

The sub-dermal identification tracking chip (SIT Chip) or more commonly referred to as the "ID Chip" is a small microchip database that stores its owner's personal information for police organization. Name, Date of Birth, Occupation are all common things that are stored on the chip. They are free and given out by the EarthGOV at any Earth colony and are required by law to have implanted to buy, sell, trade or reside in any colony. Some criminals are known to forge fake ID chips or remove them to erase their criminal record, Doing this however is extremely illegal and punishable up to a 50,000 credit fine.

Any Citizen must present their chipped anatomy on demand of any COLSEC officer. Failure to comply will be met with forcible measures. There are no exceptions, due to shapeshifters even EGov employees will have their subdermal ID scanned, Badges do not serve as identification.

Weapons and vehicles must be registered with a COLSEC officer. Both weapons and vehicles require a serial number or chip to be considered lawfully carried weapons, and the aforementioned serial number or chip must be registered as associated with the colonist’s ID chip. This is primarily handled on an HONOR SYSTEM. It is not mechanically supported or enforceable.

In the event of a defective or faulty ID chip, bring the citizen to the chipping drone at once and have a new one implanted. You are given a scanner to check for fake IDs on citizens. Having a fake ID is extremely illegal, that person is to be taken to be chipped and jailed at once with a full interrogation and report. (Read up on RoE rules when dealing with these IDs, they have special stealth rules; Roll d60 or above, + Hacking Modifiers to uncover fake)

Recruitment == It is vital to the success of any faction to keep recruitment in mind in general. The best way to recruit is to go out and roleplay. New players on the sim will often judge which faction they want to join based on the role-play they see. This does not mean you should adjust your RP to fit what new colonists want to see, at all. It means that you should consistently and frequently RP, and in a manner that will attract the kind of players you want in your faction. For example, nobody has a reason to hate somebody for playing villain. So, even if being a villain scares off the good guys from joining their faction, it instead attracts their fellow villains to join your side as comrades in arms.

Ranks and Pay Grades

Enlisted Ranks

COLSEC Recruit

  • [D3] Recruit (RCT)

Recruits are the new guys to join the team, they will be curious, asking questions and it is your job to teach these guys. They cannot make it without your help. Always help and gear up recruits.

Recruits must receive guidance from a higher rank and be supervised for all actions.

COLSEC Lower Enlisted

  • [D2] Private (PVT)
  • [D1] Corporal (CPL)

Enlisted officers are the bread and butter of COLSEC. Do not be discouraged to be a grunt. They are tasked with infiltrating and exfiltration operations and day to day peace keeping procedures. Keeping the colony and its people safe.

At Private you are authorized to join patrols, chip citizens, and turn in contraband without supervision.

Corporals will often be looked to to command specialty small-team missions, for instance first response to a disturbance.

COLSEC Specialist

  • [C4] Specialist (SPC)

At C4 you may pick a specialization. Traits of your specialty can be carried on as you climb in rank.

  • Scout: Scouts are fast and light, low on arms and armor but with high mobility. They take a tactical role of keeping an overwatch on the situation or working up close and personal keeping enemies flanked or preventing friendly forces from being flanked.
  • Heavy: Heavy weapons units are the bastion of a battle line, not always the most mobile they compensate with heavy armor, high durability, and a mass of weaponry to suit any situation, typically with overwhelming firepower.
  • Engineer: A combat engineer performs a support role, either maintaining cybernetics or deploying various  devices to aid allies or hinder enemy forces.
  • Medic: More suited to remaining behind the lines as an Emergency First Responder, or even in a more active role your primary responsibility is keeping other forces in the fight. Typically using stims, Healing Items and Magika, and loading Blueshot.
  • Detective: These officers specialize in following up on and investigating crimes. They review crime scenes, interrogate prisoners, and generally try to fit the pieces together. As the least combative role in COLSEC, it is suggested for them to have strong social, perception, and hacking skills.

Consult with your commanding officers for further specializations.

Specialists may start and a patrol after consulting a senior officer, and may be authorized to lead it.

EIA Agent:

  • [E] Agent

A special branch within EarthGOV, and in fact a separate organization from that of EarthGOV. Agents are the spies, and the personal bodyguards of the leadership of EarthGOV. They utilize subterfuge, espionage, they perform interrogations, and generally work from the shadows. However, this is all OOC information. In character, the rest of the colonists, including COLSEC themselves, only know openly about the body-guarding. The espionage is necessarily top secret, and classified. Agents are not part of the normal COLSEC chain of command, though they can give orders to C4 and lower ranks.

A C4 rank is required to apply for transfer to Agent Status. Application requires a personal recommendation from a commanding officer, sent to the desk of the EarthGOV director.

COLSEC Senior Enlisted

  • [C3] Sergeant (SGT)
  • [C2] Drill Sergeant (DSG)
  • [C1] Master Sergeant (MSG)

Above most enlisted ranks, but below commissioned officers, they are the most common ones to give direct orders to enlisted and recruit soldiers, as well as manage the rank and file.

At Sergeant the officer is authorized to initiate and command a patrol.

Drill Sergeants are the NCOICs (Non-commissioned officer in charge) of squads. The Master Sergeant oversees training for all units and commands the DSGs.

COLSEC Warrant Officer

  • [B2] Warrant Officer
  • [B1] Chief Warrant Officer

Technical leaders and specialists. Warrant officers are typically tasked with specific administrative responsibilities such as Armory or Personnel officer. A Chief Warrant Officer is a senior warrant officer and is included in Command Staff.

Command Staff

COLSEC Officers

  • [A3] Lieutenant (1LT)
  • [A2] Captain (CPT)
  • [A1] Major (MAJ)

COLSEC Officers of the most senior rankings. Command staff make the decisions and directives of the overall COLSEC mission according to guidance from the Director. Only Command officers are authorized to speak for COLSEC.

Flag Staff

  • [G] General (GEN)

In a time of uncommon emergency or war a senior COLSEC officer will be elevated on the Director’s authority to Flag rank of General. This grants the officer uncommon reach for the safety and security of EGov interests and authority for unilateral actions such as: Declaring Marshal Law, Co-opting assets and equipment, annexing territory, Drafting and commandeering citizenry for combat. The General reports directly to the Director alone and is considered to have authority over anyone else for matters of national security.


The Director of EGov is the ultimate CnC (Commander in Chief) of COLSEC. All ranks of COLSEC answer to the directorship.


There are three squads in COLSEC, who wear colored stripes designating their squad.

  • Red Squad - Hammer Squad
  • Blue Squad - Bulwark Squad
  • Yellow Squad - Inactive

Each squad is led by a Drill Sergeant, who wears a colored shoulderpad. Each squad should be kept roughly equal in size and should provide as much coverage throughout the day as possible. Each squad is responsible for maintaining themselves, and is authorized a custom designation and motto.

Our Views Upon Other Factions ==

The Hounds-

One on hand, they mostly do their thing out in the wasteland, where EarthGOV can lift their nose and pretend they don’t exist. On the other hand, they are fucking crazy, and randomly show up in the colony to cause severe damages and chaos. If necessary, terminate with extreme prejudice, otherwise enjoy the show they put on.

Bounty Hunters and Scorpion Security- ==== While allowing vigilantism is unpleasant, casting doubt for someone the abilities of COLSEC and EarthGOV’s military as a whole, EarthGOV continues to allow them to exist legally. Presumably this is because there are times when it is desirable to remove a dissident without leaving COLSEC fingerprints. Generally there is professional distrust between COLSEC forces and ‘Mercs’ and itchy trigger fingers, despite EGov mandate to work together.


A bunch of thieves who have intentionally made a point of disrupting EarthGOV operations. This group and any who choose to associate them in even the remote sense of the word are not welcome to EarthGOV property and resources. Always terminate with extreme prejudice. Much craftier and more subtle than JH.


They are technically breaking the law, and we all know it, but they never leave a fingerprint. They’re smart enough not to take it to the authority head-on, and due to this actually tend not to cause severe damages to EarthGOV. We have no reason to spend too much time and energy pursuing these ghosts of the criminal underworld. Some rumors say that quite a few directors and executives in EarthGOV are in the Ex Praeda pocket.

Mytharii Tribe-

These odd cats would probably be welcome to live in the colony, but instead choose to live out in the wastes. As a neutral and non-violent entity, they are generally considered assets. From time to time, they have even assisted EarthGOV. However, being labelled as assets does not mean they are on the radar of EarthGOV’s directorship. They are seen by the company as insignificant.


They are secretive, and EarthGOV doesn’t know how comfortable to feel about that. They pay taxes on a rather large tower, and are labelled as Assets. However, they refuse to cooperate with EarthGOV, and have a history of hiding terrible secrets. EIA needs to keep a close eye on them whenever possible, but otherwise they are to be left alone.

Goals of COLSEC ==
(Performing any these types of roleplays, or even variations of these roleplays, as a member of this faction, and turning in the logs to your faction leader contribute to reward with a Mega Credit or a rank up in the group. Note higher ranks are expected to maintain a level of activity to keep their rank, and will need to perform above and beyond to progress further.)

Simple Goals-

  • Arrests: Spotting, responding to, and punishing crimes. These are very common, and making reports is the best way to make sure the commanders see your efforts.
  • Gate Interdiction: Done only at the authority of a Command Officer these actions occupy the central gate in and out of the colony enforcing ID checks of all citizens entering or leaving.
  • Private Interest Patrols: Patrols which cover the entirety of PileDrive industries property. PDI is a corporate ally of EarthGOV Corp. Their security forces and ours are tasked with protecting the mining areas. This is the only area in the Wastelands we have jurisdiction over; the entire length of the mines, to the office outside of the mine entry. Engage any person(s) without a mining license with extreme prejudice. In the event a hostile entity enters the mines, terminate them with extreme prejudice. The mines are not a hotspot for criminal activity and are less of a priority. PDI has their own security units and normally are fit to do this on their own. COLSEC will assist of conduct these PIPs upon request or apparent need (determined by at minimum D2 Rank)
  • Urban Domestic Patrols: U.D.P.s are patrols which are done throughout the city of Dawn, and are considered free-roam patrols. These patrols are intended to raise awareness of EarthGOV’s presence. Any individual carrying a firearm larger than a rifle is to submit to a mandatory weapon registration check, this includes large melee weapons. Any vehicle is to be checked for an operator’s license. Any vehicle with a mounted weapon is prohibited, the occupants are to be arrested, even with a operators license. This includes tanks and mechanized infantry. Any entity conducting trade is checked for proper licensure as well as identity. Remember EVERYONE gets their subdermal ID check, we don’t take no steenkin badges.
  • Posts: An officer or small team standing location in an area to maintain surveillance and order. Common locations include EGov Plaza, Market Area, Crafting Area, outside COLSEC, and the Dam.
  • Recruiting: Making a special effort to perform recruitment drives, or other displays that draw attention to your faction, such as events. An example of an event hosted by COLSEC might be a tournament, or a public parade demonstration of their riot control capabilities.
  • Recovery: Head out to the scenes of recent combat or destruction, and pick up the remains. Scavenge and salvage is the name of the game here. By asking a storyteller or GM to host it as an official event, you can make it far more interesting and rewarding.
  • Office Work: Somebody has to man the desk at all times, if possible. This is because new colonists will always make that desk their first stop in order to get chipped, or to turn in contraband (Which gets you a small amount of credits directly in your pocket!). Log the hours you spend at the desk to get recognition for your work.
  • Hazing/Training recruits: New recruits will often be confused. Please show them the ropes. Take them to the VR for training, point them to this handbook, and point them to the official rules and items documents, as well as any other resources you can. Help equip them, make them feel like your faction is a great place to be. Most importantly, RP with them!


All units will be equipped for duty before deploying in the field, however certain equipment will only be available for certain ranks.

Dual Enlistment and Termination

After you have been hired within the COLSEC, You are not allowed to join another faction, however having a second civilian job is permitted. If you are caught betraying the COLSEC, you will be terminated and your gear and access to the base and its stipend will be revoked. You will be required to turn in your badge, weapons and equipment; refusal can result in a 60,000 credit fine or jail time. Whether you decide to resign or you are fired after serving in the COLSEC, you will be required to turn in your badge and gear at the end of your employment. Failure to turn in your equipment will result in an immediate bounty of your person, with a fine of up to 60,000 credits more depending on results of a command Vote

EarthGOV Intelligence Agency (EIA)

Agents are a part of special division equivalent to that of a Specialist. C4 and above can apply to become one and will receive appropriate training. They act as lightly armed and sometimes undercover agents that can investigate crimes, collect evidence against a suspect, interrogate suspects in the interrogation room, and write reports with information detailing leads on criminals and crimes, allowing the COLSEC to either arrest subjects before the crime is committed or arrest suspects that previously had little to no evidence against them to warrant an arrest. Since Specialists and Agents are of equivalent rank, command is depending on what the current action is. Patrol and Combat situations the Specialist takes the lead, and under crime scene investigation and interrogation Priority goes to the Agent.

As mentioned above, EIA is also tasked with subterfuge, espionage, and personally bodyguarding VIPs, such as the directorship.

Commlinks == When using your ComLinks, as mentioned several times above; always check in every step of the way, even when going off duty or coming on duty. your posts as comms should be prefaced with a marker such as <C>. Other communication types can be indicated. Always observe the RoE rules for transmitting communications. You’re encouraged to make the comm realistic. consider the weather and ambient noise.

<C type> Speech [Nonverbal sounds] *actions*

Normal Comms:

<C> [nonverbal] Message


<C> [sounds sleepy] Private Doe reporting on duty. [coffeemaker sounds]

Relay Comms:

(to alert to a message from someone that does not have COLSEC group or an alarm, this is used to copy/paste a message into Colsec chat if it would ICly be heard by us)

<C-Relay {origin}> [nonverbal] message


<C-Relay Citizen Emergency Beacon> Help I need help! someone’s been shot near the Red Tail! *channel closes*

<C-Relay EGov Tower> [Intruder alarm sounds]

Data Transfer:

Encouraged to be used when sending a file (use this to flavor giving someone a log or notecard)

<C-Data> *type*


<C-Data> *A file is uploaded from an anonymous source*

Secure Doors == The code to open the station doors is 6666, This is NOT the IC way to open these doors. ICly the doors are accessed by an RFID badge combined with a personal pin code.

Crimes ==

Tier 1 Crimes

Fine of up to 1,000 credits, or 1 hour in jail (1 day in character).

  • Loitering: Hanging out in areas that are for through traffic only, such as the area surrounding the COLSEC station or a rooftop. Also refusing to clear an area at the order of an officer.
  • Bribery: Attempting to trade money directly to an official in exchange for illegal benefits.
  • Obstruction of justice: Interfering with COLSEC’s operations, arrests, or investigations.
  • Resisting arrest: The act of refusing to be detained.
  • Disorderly Conduct: Being obnoxious, indecent exposure, harmfully annoying behavior.
  • Vandalism: Minor destruction or defacement of EarthGOV property.
  • Drug use or possession: Using or being in possession of illegal drugs within colony limits..
  • Minor theft: Stealing products, or looting another colonist within colony limits.
  • Accessory to crime: Aiding, or abetting, or witnessing a crime with no attempt made to inform COLSEC or prevent the crime, within colony limits.
  • Unlicensed weapons: Possessing or using weapons that lack a serial number or chip that is registered to your ID chip, within colony limits.
  • Unidentified civilian: Continuing to live and work within the colony without being properly ID Chipped.
  • Unlicensed vehicle: Operating a vehicle that lacks a serial number or chip that is registered to your ID chip, within colony limits.

Tier 2 Crimes === Fine of up to 9,000 credits, or 2 hours in jail (3 days in character). Crimes in this tier are likely to result in interrogation by detectives.

  • Conspiracy: Crafting plans to commit high tier crimes in colony limits.
  • Assault: Attacking or threatening violence against a colonist within colony limits.
  • Cybercrimes: Hacking implants, computers, or cybernetic devices within city limits.
  • Rape: Sexually forcing yourself upon another citizen within city limits.
  • Unlicensed Mining: Mining on EarthGOV or Pile-Driver property without being properly licensed.
  • Unlawful weapons platforms: Using weapons with high destructive capabilities, such as explosives, LMGs, rocket launchers, grenade launchers, and large vehicles such as tanks or APCs, within colony limits.

Tier 3 Crimes

Fine of up to 50,000 credits, or 4 hours in jail (a week in-character). It is mandatory to call an agent or detective to interrogate perpetrators of these crimes.

  • Contraband trafficking: Selling illegal drugs, or other illegal products, within city limits.
  • Contraband manufacturing: Producing illegal drugs or products within city limits.
  • Murder: Killing a registered colonist within city limits.
  • Extortion: Threatening or intimidating colonists or businesses for money.
  • Money Laundering: Creating a false front business to funnel cash that came from an illegal source. Making illegally gained money appear to come from a legitimate business.
  • Fraud: Tricking or scamming a colonist out of money.
  • Embezzlement: Stealing out of your employer or company’s profits.
  • Arson: Attempting or succeeding at setting fire to property within the colony.
  • Unlicensed vendor operation: Operating a vendor or shop that is not properly registered, or black market sales.
  • Impersonation: Impersonating an EarthGOV employee or official, or failure to return EarthGOV issued equipment after termination.

(Note that COLSEC officers are playing characters, not NPCs and according to lore are sometimes corrupt as well. An officer can and will fabricate crimes or evidence to arrest you, treat you improperly, or ignore crimes. They might even accept bribery! Try this at your own risk)

Making Arrests == Violators of Dawn Law are to be immediately secured and disarmed. Failure to do so can bring about reprimands and harm to civilians and fellow officers alike. Keep actions relative to the severity of those being committed. Executing individuals once detained is prohibited though any attack on an officer even if it's merely with a kick or a punch is to be acted on with swift and if needed lethal action in the sake of bringing the offender to answer for their actions and crimes. Securing, Cuffing and transporting personnel should be done without hiccups in the process. Keep offenders under watchful eye and report any attempt to resist to radio lines if support for high tier targets are required. See a trainer for proper prisoner handling procedures.

Engage, suppress, neutralize, and process. Remember these things and your duty as an officer will be thoroughly rewarded. After things are taken out of the officer's hands who brought the subject in, a report is to be filed by the officers involved to be reviewed by the Director. This will be used to determine performance and graded for possible promotions or allowance to certain gear.

Things you must remember:

  1. Check your gear, You should have the Vest and Badge on your avatar, as well as Cuffs, Pepper Spray, and ID chips in your RoE Inventory before going into the field. Check with commissioned officers to get resupplies when you need them.
  2. All items during arrest will be removed ICLY, but not OOCLY (RP handing them over or having them taken, do not actually @give them). All items that do not require surgery to remove will be considered to be in COLSEC custody. They are either returned when the prisoner is released, or replaced (for free) if the prisoner escapes and reaches their faction base or any other safe house. They may use any mods their gear would have given them to lockpicking or hacking in their attempts to escape.
  3. T3 Crimes or repeat offenders require interrogation from an Agent and evaluation by Command.
  4. Set fines for sentencing - If fines are paid by the prisoner or a third party, deliver those credits directly to a commissioned or warrant officer, who in turn should filter the bail all the way up to the commander. That money is be used in order to benefit everybody in one way or another. Money goes into supplying and funding COLSEC. Theft of COLSEC bail money will result in termination and possible Jail time.
  5. If fines cannot be paid, the suspect will be assigned to hard labor in the mines then released. This labor scene can be conducted later, the prisoner will be escorted by officer or officers to the mine for work. No drills are required to be used
  6. Keep suspect secure for duration of sentencing, do not release until served. Maintain a close eye and guard duty when prisoners are in cell. At least one unit is to be on duty, and if one has to leave, swap out with another. (Roleplay with the prisoner, it's boring for them to sit there the whole time. If you cannot consistently roleplay with them they are considered to have served their time and released)
  7. Suspects who get away during detaining or escape from holding are immediately to be reported to senior officers, Give reports to bounty hunters and officer ranking COLSEC employees. (They can roll against their surroundings to escape with the guards on duty, an admin, or a GM) Details of their escape will be taken before the Commanding Officer and if proper action needed will be taken to punish the negligible party for detainees escape.
  8. Remember; do NOT just lock away a prisoner and run off. Roleplay with them. Its no fun for them to sit in a cell by themselves and log off. Keep roleplaying with them. You may do a multitude of things to them.

Confiscating Possessions

Never keep confiscated items. Always deliver them to the Officer ranked COLSEC employees or directly to the commander or armory officer. Proven theft of COLSEC evidence will result in termination and possible jail time. Inventories will be checked routinely to ensure officers are submitting to the expectations they are proudly held to. When a suspect is searched by the COLSEC, the COLSEC officer doing the search will roll 1d100 +<Per> and the suspect will roll 1d100 +<Stealth> If the COLSEC officer wins the roll, the suspect must turn over items listed as drugs or explosives on the COLSEC evidence turn in vendor. If the suspect wins, for every (up to) 10 points above the COLSEC officer, they may declare 1 stack immune to seizure. A suspect cannot use undiscovered items while in COLSEC custody. The items are assumed to have been missed when searching the suspect’s possessions and returned when released.


Interrogations are to be carried out by higher ranking officers, or EIA agents. Issue a request for an interrogation via the comms. Interrogators - always IM the detained player and ask for their OOC limitations on torture, scarring, anal probing, and so on.


Report and File Documentation: Notify a NCO or CO on duty of the individual detained so a detective can question them. Reports as stated above will be what determines who gets promotions, and who gets acknowledged by the directorship as candidates for leadership or intelligence agent roles.

Reports must be submitted to the forum in the Forums » Factions Section » COLSEC » COLSEC- Roleplay Logs

Reports will be reviewed and depending on their content may be taken before Command for review.

It is recommended to attach a log of the RP to your report, this is NOT IC information but to verify actions were taken properly according to the rules.

Each RPer should have a registration thread of their criminal history. These reports are to be used to keep those criminal history threads up-to-date.

Reports can be found at

(COLSEC officers contact the CO or a senior officer if you cannot access this thread, or are otherwise unable to post in the appropriate forum) REPORTS ARE A WAY TO TURN YOUR RP LOGS IN TO EARN REWARDS AND RANK UPS.

Rules of Engagement

Acceptable Engagement:

A) Any individual may be detained at an officer’s discretion on site for causal questioning, ID check, search or person or property. They cannot be arrested or taken elsewhere against their will unless:

B) An individual refuses to comply with ID check, Search, or are shown to have committed crimes, be wanted for criminal acts, or wanted for questioning in connection to criminal acts. The officer may attempt to handcuff the person and bring them to COLSEC for processing.

C) If the individual resists physically, continually refuses to be detained, or shows hostility the officer may respond with force to include Stun weapons, pepper-spray or tear gas, rubber bullets, or other nonlethal means.

D) A violent individual, known hostile target, declared target for eradication, or on the command ‘Weapons free’ allows the use of all force to detain the target until they surrender, are knocked out, or dead.

E) -By command only- The target is to be eliminated with all due firepower, surrender will not be accepted. Make an example of them.

On Duty and Off Duty

There are no working hours for COLSEC personnel, therefore a full uniform means the COLSEC personnel is considered on duty and not being in uniform is considered off duty. When on-duty, checking in on the radio is encouraged to inform fellow personnel of who is on station. You should be wearing the chestpiece and badge on your avatar, have your grouptag set to COLSEC, and have your rank shown in your titler (assumed to be pips on your uniform)

When off-duty, employees are expected to act upon situations as civilians. On duty or not, fellow officers are to be treated with respect and those of higher rank addressed with formalities. While off duty you are not to respond to calls or perform services such as contraband turn in or chipping, but instead contact an on-duty officer. Also you should not have your COLSEC grouptag active while offduty.


COLSEC.'s Jurisdiction spans the entire colony, and the PDI mines. We can only enforce the law within those areas. The wastelands is a lawless sector, however you may defend yourself from attack in the wastes, but we have no power to make arrests or rulings in that sector. The only time we have jurisdiction while in the wastelands is when we are escorting a prisoner to mine during a punishment. We only have jurisdiction over that prisoner and nothing more.

Phonetic Alphabet

Like many military or police forces, COLSEC uses the phonetic alphabet when reading out strings of letters and numbers.

If you decide you want to study this, to be more accurate with your RP, it is as follows:

A - Alpha N - November
B - Bravo O - Oscar
C - Charlie P - Papa
D - Delta Q - Quebec
E - Echo R - Romeo
F - Foxtrot S - Sierra
G - Golf T - Tango
H - Hotel U - Uniform
I - India V - Victor
J - Juliet W - Whiskey
K - Kilo X - Xray
L - Lima Y - Yankee
M - Mike Z - Zulu