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Dawn Colony



Dawn colony is a sector created by the Earth Government and Terra Co. in 2115 in order to begin rehabilitating and restructuring the surface of the Earth after the cataclysmic events of Astral Gatte Orion, destroying a majority of the Earths surface. This colony is the second, along with Rise colony, you be developed and inhabited by a civilian population in an effort to revitalize the planet and stimulate economic trade and business in the inner belt.

Dawn colony is the home of multiple organizations, along with a variety of branches of MegaCorps, this entities include.

Earth Government headquarters local branch.

Colonial Security Local Branch

Colonial Medical Services local branch.


Genesis Staffing Incorporated

Pile Drive Industries local branch and mining operations.


Due to the initial seeding of magika crystals within the Earth's surface, Dawn Colony has always been a magnet to various comings and goings of the populous and the mega corporations wishing to study these new elements. Most of these events were heavily stifled by local government branches, until 2130, where they became large enough for the populous at large to take note, such as the opening of a void portal in 2130. LIST EVENTS HEREEEEE

As well, due to the current nature of Virtual and Artificial intelligences, there have been two robotic uprising in this location to date, occurring in 2131, where NOTABLE EVENT HERE, and 2132, culminating in the destruction of First Thought.

-EarthGovs mega project to create points of civilization on earth,

-Date of Creation 2115

-18,000,000+ citizens.

-Earth Gov, PDI, Colony Hospitalization, Tribunal, Ex parada, Genesis Staffing,


-Dark Portal opens in 2130 in wasteland

-Robot Uprising occurs in 2131 and 2132

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