"Boom boom shake shake the room~"
Player: Bewmkat (Neatlana)



I don't even know anymore.

Personal Data
Real Name: Dakota Neith Rose
Aliases: Dak, Dakky, Dakdak, Bewmkat
Species: Mytharii
Age: 21
Date Of Birth: April 20th, 2111
Blood Type: B++ 
Eye Color: Bright green
Hair Color: Brown
Weight: How much do 200 'nades weigh?
Biographical Data
Place of Birth: Titan, Mytharii Tribe
Relationship Status: Married to L.U.X.
Known Relatives: The Tribe, Kittens (Jade and Buster) and family on Titan.



Dakota is a well know Mytharii, who currently resides in the tribe caves. She is an unlicensed demolitions expert (COLSEC need to do better) and a mother. Dakota, normally known as Dak, is fond of the simple things in life. For example, How many grenades can you pack into a body? If John has 50 grenades and Dakota has 5... How long will it take to piece John back together? All the important maths questions!


Dakota is long eared Mytharii, her coat is a light, almost yellow brown with dark brown spots that pepper her body. She has various tattoos over her body two being on her butt cheeks (A fox head symbol and LUX), she also has a tribe marking on her belly symbolising her loyalty to her family. Her eyes are bright green and normally stand out during the night... Just so you know someone is watching you...


Dakota is known for her use (or misuse) of explosives. Her pockets are lined with all sorts of things that go bang, boom, crash and showaddywaddy. 




Tyro in the Hel'Cathra Tribe.

Relation to: Blood Corsairs - Neutral

"Eh. Don't hear much from them"

Relation to: Colony Security (COLSEC) - Bad/Neutral 

"I'm a COLSEC Veteran I'll have you know! Lets just say while I was employed many lobby painters and decorators had a lot of custom! But yeah I left cus most of them were douches!"

Relation to: EarthGOV - Neutral 

"They Sketchy AF! As long as one of their science people doesn't run at me with a needle I'm cool!"

Relation to: Ex Praeda - Neutral 

"The drug people? Oh they're okey!"

Relation to: JunkHounds - Bad


Relation to: Mytharii Tribe - Good

"Ma homies, Ma crew, Mess with one you get two... Muddaf**cker!" Dakota's new rap single will be released later this year. Stay tuned.

Relation to: Scorpion Security Solutions - Bad 

"They run by that Mytharii hating drevii? Yeah... As long as they don't start something I'm cool... But all Drevii are douche-heads! Well except a few that give me grenades and food."



Due to all the enhancements and cybernetics, Dak has become a well versed demolitions expert. Using a range of explosives for different jobs, Dak is able to blast through anything. If she puts her mind to it.


Dak is the proud over of a Shadow Fox HML v.D4K (Dak edited it a little to pack some more punch). Dak is able to use her rocket launcher to deliver precise strikes to enemies and their encampments. Or she just uses to blow everything that moves off the face of the earth. I like the more technical explanation.


Dak will literally eat anything (within reason). Be careful if you venture into the tribe caves and Dak is lurking as that nice chocolate bar you have might just have disappeared into the the void that is her stomach!


Dakota was not born like a normal mytharii kitten, she was more created than born. Dakota was made from the genes of two different types of Mytharii, one from Titan and one from Venus. Dakota was created from the genetic splicing preformed by Sturm Rose's father. Considered a test failure like many before her, Dak was due to be incinerated by Sturm himself. But instead of placing the Kitten into the furnace, the young, now former pirate captain placed her in an escape pod and sent her on her way out of the lab.

As the kitten sailed through space, the gravity of Titan pulled her down to earth. This lead her to crash in a jungle, created through terraforming, on the moon. The crash site peaked the interest of a nearby tribe that lead to Dakota being found by them and being taken in as one of the own, although slight physical differences, she still was a Mytharii and a kitten.

While Dak grew up with her family, many strangers came and went, traders, other Mytharii looking to become part of the tribe. But one peaked Daks interest the most. A siamese cat who passed the trails of induction with ease, quite a feat and a role model to look up to. But not all was right when it came to swearing her in. The siamese cat revealed she was a spy and was subsequently chased out of the tribe lands.

The main village of the tribe was built into a large cave, adorned with old paintings of their ancestors and a network of crystals that shined with the sun, moon and stars depending on the time of day and year. To little Dakota this was heaven. A large cave to explore and shiny stones to collect and look at. But after a few months the dream started to become tainted. The tribe was attacked, heavy bombing from an unknown source caused cracks in roof and in some parts a cave in. A combined force of Humans and Drevii had come to the tribe lands for an unknown reason and had started to disturb the peace. Many tribe members lead by Dakotas 'adoptive' father managed to drive them back onto their ships and out to the great sky beyond but the damage was done. Their home was ruined. The cracks in the roof let water run into the cave causing them to flood. Many cats became sick from damp and other waterborne diseases, so the best option was to move. Dakota was unfortunately caught in a cave in, as the the rocks leaked and cracked, water rose, slowly trapping the young cat under. This is how Dakota's fear of water manifested. Luckily she was save by her father and taken to the mender for care.

Later that month the tribe moved as planned, joining up with another local tribe but due to over population, Dakotas tribe had to separate, many members moving to other tribes further afield to tribes in far off lands and planets.

A few years after 'the great movement' a familiar siamese mytharii appeared, this time her induction went smoothly and she was accepted. Being so young when she first came Dakota could not fully recognise her but she had an air of remembrance around her... As it turned out the siamese one was slightly older than Dakota and so was due to take part in the coming of age ceremony.

[REDACTED: FILE NOT FOUND] {Would you like to search again?} [Y] [N]

After the great collapse, the tribe was shaken. Many were worried of another spy and so left to for other tribes again. Dakota being loyal to her mother and fathers wishes, she stayed, needing to wait on her own coming of age ceremony.

After her triumph at her coming of age ceremony, she was given the chance to stay with the tribe or explore the stars... Being the curious cat she is she choose the latter, going from planet to planet collecting various items similar to her traps she had created with explosive powder and stones, during her kitten years, but far more deadly.

When Dakota arrived at the colony that siamese cat was there... Strange how small a galaxy it is, huh?

OOC Info

SL Username: Bewmkat (Neatlana)

Im pretty cool with any rp! Just IM me and ask!

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