ICKnow IC Knowledge!

The information below can be considered general knowledge. It can be assumed that your character had an opportunity to come across this information in their travels or that if they were to 'look it up', this information would be straight forward to obtain.

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A Dark Magika crystal

Formation of Dark Magika

Dark magika, for all intents and purposes, does not form as naturally as other magika colors would. To create dark magika, two agents are typically required. Firstly, Void energy, typically supplied from other dark magika stones, or sourced from tiny void portals, and secondly, existing magika of another color aside from white. The void energy slowly leaches into nearby magika sources, transforming the crystal from it’s normal color to a purple hue, and making it give off more void energy. This growth then begins to convert other normal matter, growing in size and potency. In addition, a slower method exists, wherein void energy simply corrupts normal matter of some sort over time, requiring many months to years depending on the material. Unsurprisingly, magika resistant materials take more time to become corrupted, as do nullification stones hidden away in pockets of rock.

Coming into contact with a massive quantity of raw Dark Magika Stone, coming into contact with a Voidling, or using Dark Magika (per Scene, Not Per use) can all cause corruption within the individual.

OOC Section:

Roll a 1d30. On 5 or lower, you gain corruption. Optional effects can be applied depending on your roll. This can only happen once per scene you’ve used dark magika in, or were afflicted by dark magika. (If you had Dark magika stones used On you, you may choose to roll as well, but not required.) the scale is 0 to 25, with each five points being a stage of corruption (Stage 1 at 5 points, stage 2 on 10 points, etc)

Optional Effects based on Roll: ((rolling 5 through 1 Still applies the Corruption gain. ))

30-An ominous Cold wind blows past you.

29-You hear your name whispered in your ear.

28- There is a loud scream in the distance; Only you can hear this.

27- Pictures and advertisements with faces around you seem to stare Directly at you.

26- Lights seem brighter and colored hued oddly.

25- You feel icy fingers drag up along your spine.

24- The smell of burning flesh fills the area; Only you can smell it.

23- The sound of sobbing echos somewhere around you, but you see no one.

22- You see a shadowy figure out of the corner of your eye, but looking towards it shows no one is in the area.

21- Your nose and ears bleed for the next 24 hours, but there is no cause for it even if you go to the hospital and the blood can’t be identified as even your own.

20- You think your hair is falling out and you will see yourself as bald in any reflective surface you look into, but only you can see this.

19- Your shadow is that of another Being all together for the next 24 hours. If you are a Human, Your shadow may be that of a Mutant, Etc.

18- For the Next 24 hours You do not recognize Yourself. You are a stranger in your own body. Your limbs don’t feel like your own, your thoughts feel alien. Friends, enemies and allies become strangers.

17- The next time you speak, Your voice instead begins to speak in a different voice, Yelling out Nonsensical phrases in languages No one understands.

16-Your eyes flare up with an internal purple glow.

15- for the next Hour, you can only speak in Rhyme.

14- For the rest of the IC Day; you no longer Trust any Drink that you did not pour yourself. Any other drink, in your mind, is -Obviously- Poisoned.

13- For the next 24 hours, you become infatuated with blood and will go out of your way to observe bleeding wounds regardless of the context.

12- You develop a fixation with an inanimate object (it could be your own weapon, a doll, or even an article of clothing) to the extent that you name it, talk to it, and put its safety before your own. This wears off as soon as the object is destroyed or taken from you.

11- You finger nails, claws, spikes, hair, or some other non-permanent feature on your body takes on a purple tint.

10- For One hour, the weather in the area around you behaves unnaturally in minor ways. (Rain falls upwards, breezes blow when there is no ventilation, Lights cast shadows, etc. Pick -One-.) This does not affect combat and is only aesthetic.

9- A strong wind blows past everyone in the scene, causing light sources to flicker. Everyone gets the feeling that something malevolent has taken interest in them.

8- Nearby mirrors crack, and reflective surfaces twist images seen within into horrific shapes.

7-Blood weeps from stone and wood nearby. If there are any pictures or statues of people within this area, they appear to be crying blood.

6-Shadowy apparitions and shapes suddenly begin to emerge in the location for a short time; none interact or pay direct attention to those around them. All of them are different depending on the one viewing them.

5 Through 2- You gain one point of Corruption.

1-You gain 2 Points of Corruption.

Properties and Usage

Dark Magika is most commonly seen as a purplish form of normal magika crystals, consisting of a variety of crystalline structures dependent on the form of magika originally corrupted. Universally, the exact color of the stone depends on what was originally corrupted, ranging from red-violet to blue-violet, or possibly even a less saturated, grayish purple.

As a stone, Dark magika is near universally recognized as capable of causing debilitating effects in combat, ranging from being able to pull the life force of an enemy in the form of magikal energy from a target, to causing heavy sickness to organics, or rusting a machine. This level of power however, comes at a cost. Dark mages are, particularly if they use standard methods of using magika stones, vulnerable to dark magika corruption more so than others.

However, due to recent discoveries brought to light by Hi’vaa ‘Primal’ Sorcerers, an alternative method of use has been found. While normal magika channels energy like a magnifying lens, Dark Magika is best used to saturate magika energy with it’s properties. The energy is then used to cast.


Long-term exposure to Dark Magika causes illness of various systems amongst almost all terrestrial life, and due to the aura corrupting nature of the magika, machinery as well. Unfortunately, this means that victims of Dark Magika poisoning almost uniformly experience a gradual decline over a span of time directly tied to the level of exposure, until eventually succumbing to the effects that span in different stages of the illness.

However, while it’s effects may appear physical and mental, the exact cause is on neither of these levels. Dark magika corruption itself is a slow poisoning of a being’s magikal aura, which over time results in a variety of symptoms as the very energy of the universe held within a patient is transformed into a form which, for all intents and purposes, is generally thought of as hostile to this universe.

What was not initially apparent, however, were the intra-organism mutations that could cause subtle to extreme mutations seen only within a few generations of exposure. The growth of Dark Magika crystals on the skin and flesh, increased resistance to the effects of Dark Magika poisoning, and even the ability of tissues to achieve accelerated cellular regeneration when in the presence of Dark Magika were originally only known to ancient Shivan researchers. In addition, due to the discovery of the Hi’vaa Sorcerers, mages skilled almost solely in the use of Dark Magika in such a way as to minimize, if not totally remove the risk of corruption to a dark mage. The intended target of a dark magika stone, however, is not so fortunate.

However, generally, exposure to Dark Magika will begin a spiral of corruption and a variety of symptoms that worsen over time, and even the most minute of exposures can, if let go long enough, lead to disastrous effects.

Cybernetics are not immune either. Metal endoskeletons would corrode and sprout dark magika crystals, causing synthetic materials to crystallize, harden, and break. All while crystals continue to bloom out. This would degrade strength of the components at first, cause malfunctioning sensors. Damage detection systems would be flagging everything in the same manner an organic would be feeling pain. The resulting feedback would overwhelm most I/O systems causing stuttering, lock-ups, and eventual system failure.

However, A newer strain of Corruption seems to be spreading as of late, seeming to not be as infectious or quick to grow in it's host. It takes longer to root itself inside the body and aura of those afflicted by Dark Magika's influence, but it's changes are rumored to be much more sinister. Anything from symbols and runes starting to form on the body, to visions and voices echoing in the minds of those suffering from it's effects. 

Still, the end effects seem to be generally the same.. Feral Madness and full body crystalization. However.. There are rumors of exceptions.. odd, strange.. rare cases.. More Research is needed. 

Stages of Corruption & Symptoms


A man after succumbing to Dark Magika corruption in Stage 5. Dark Magika is completely fused to his form and have crystallized his insides.

Franky, the former senior of the Colony Hospital, and the first known mortal to make contact with Dark Magika after emerging from the Void after the 2130 Portal incident, conducted a EarthGOV funded study of the Void and Dark Magika extensively and provided detailed notes about their corruption stages and symptoms on those corrupted by studying a battery of test subjects. These results were further proved by later studies conducted by the Colony Hospital, Tribunal, and other groups. 

However, as time has gone on.. things have begun to change, leaving many to scramble for new ways to deal with the influence of Dark magika, as it has changed, Adapted. it's effects.. Different now. 

Stage 1- Minor headaches, bruising in odd shapes, Extreme case: Eye discoloration.

Stage 2- Migraines, sporadic bleeding from the nose, Ringing in the ears, on top of previous symptoms. Extreme case: Hears whispers, But can’t understand what language they are speaking, or where they are coming from.

Stage 3- Head aches are ever present, and a constant part of reality now. Nose bleeds happen with worrying frequency. Bruises are more prominent, with an alarming amount of them shaped in ways that look almost like indecipherable runes. Whispered voices seem to follow you. Extreme Case: Bleeding from the ears or edges of the Eyes may also occur.

Stage 4- The voices are clear to you now. You still don’t understand them fully, but finally the headaches have cleared, leaving you able to focus fully once again. The bruises have formed fully into proper runic scripts, but are still indecipherable, seeming to shift or scramble when focused fully on. Your eyes are now fully the color of Dark magika. Extreme Cases: Crystallizations may form in certain areas of your form, with the runic script twisted to swirl around them.

Stage 5- One of three things happens to the Character/NPC at this point:

Effect 1: Your Will is too weak. You are overcome by the voices, listening to deeply. You are now little more than a puppet for the things of the void; a Husk of your old self, marked by crystals and glowing runes, performing tasks and orders. You lose all sense of self preservation, Eating, drinking, and other every day tasks become secondary to the voices in your head. If not treated soon, you will wither away to nothing, or die in your newfound service.  ((This is Insanity, not an actual entity telling you to do something. ))

Effect 2: Your Body is too weak. While you fully understand the voices now, your body is not capable of withstanding their Gift. Crystallization continues to spread along your body, until you are rooted in place. Your words come with an echo from the mass you are now encased in, forever locked with your knowledge, but no ability to use it. If Not treated, you will remain a sentient cluster of Dark magika crystal.

Effect 3: Balance. Your Void epiphany has left you in perfect harmony with the voices in your head, while you display their physical gifts. At this stage the runes on your body glow with an alluring light (At least in your own eyes), And you tend to the crystals on your body like one may a prized plant or pet. Any time you come in contact with a dark magika crystal, and do not already have your maximum equipped, it will painlessly attach to your body and grow into a physical cluster. These clusters may seem to wander at times, always protruding in a visible fashion from your body. At this stage it is Impossible to hide what you have become; And Why Should you? At this stage you are no longer able to Slot or use White magika stones.


In the past there had been several known treatments for dark magika corruption and its symptoms, of varying effectiveness. Be it surgical treatments, liquid forms of white magika, applications of various forms of blue, white and even yellow magika, and combinations of all these.

But for unknown reasons, eventually the corruption adapted and changed, rendering these old methods obsolete. While Blue Magika still is capable to alleviate the symptoms of various stages of corruption temporarily, to some degree, it is unable to restore the body and soul of a corrupted victim to their former state.

Both the Order and the Sanctum have developed by now new methods to combat the corruption in their own ways, and are the best and only hope for anyone suffering from dark magika corruption.