Dawn Colony Hospital
Alignment Neutral Neutral
Territory Dawn Colony Hospital

'Welcome to Dawn Colony Hospital - where everyone is treated equally, all of our staff is required to take a Hypocritical Oath to not discriminate from where you come from or what you are and treat you if you are able to pay the price.'

'We feature many forms of modern and advanced medical equipment to accommodate those that enter. From simple cuts and medicine, to full on racial changes and revitalizations.'


'As it should be expected, most patients are concerned they may or may not be able to pay for their treatment. This is an understandable concern that will be answered right now. It shall also be noted staff members keep what they own.'

Treatment Prices

Medicine (non-inventory ones anyway), Physicals, and Check Ups 50 ₪
Minor Care: Broken limbs, light bullet wounds, bruises, cuts, not very serious damage. 250 ₪
Intensive Care: Body shots, missing limbs, bleeding out, bodily damage. 500 ₪
Critical Care: Dying/Near Death Situation 1,000 ₪
Reviving/Cloning 10,000 ₪

Service Prices

Autopsy 50 ₪
Organic/Mechanical Pets (If you bring the materials) 250 ₪
Implant/Cybernetic Installation/Removal (If you bring the parts to be crafted as there is a chance we will break it, no refunds) For Removal a patient must be ICly consenting to removing it, not someone vouching for them to remove it. 500 ₪
Cosmetic Operations (At most 3 things at a time) 750 ₪
Implant/Cybernetic Installation (If providing your own implant/cybernetic to have installed, no chance of failure) 1000 ₪
Race Change (only 3 on a single person ever) 50,000 ₪

Alternative Payment Methods

'Unable to pay any price for the care you need? The doctors provide alternative paying methods from experimenting, services, or trade. Each doctor has their own method for payment, so the prices may vary depending on who you ask. This however only applies to 'Care Treatment' now 'Services', Meaning if you want a cosmetic operation - it is credits only.'

Experimenting For Care

'We realize that needing care is not always top priority and credits don't flow so easily - so we offer to patients-to-be to come in and be experimented on by one of our scientists, and in return are allowed one free 'Care Service' for any intensity upon their next visit. If a patient-to-be is able to survive 10 Experiments they can negotiate with a Lead Doctor, or the Head Doctor for payment for experiment.' 'Conditions for experimenting is a person must be at the peek of their health. Or depending on the experiment in a certain condition or even a certain Race. You can only take one experiment a day, so if you have already been experimented on you must come back another day if you want to collect up on experiments. All Experiments are consent based, so we won't experiment on you unless you agree to be experimented on.' (OOC Note: Experiments are purely cosmetic and have a chance of changing one's race permanently, so a scientists must make sure it works within a player's limits before they can experiment on them.) (OOC Operation: When the experiment it started, it is purely chance of what may happen, usually it's a 'one or other' effect. How this is solved is by having the player being experimented on type out '@roll 3d2'. What this will do is cause a '2 out of 3' coin flip system. 1 = Heads = Success In The Experiment. 2 = Tails = Failure In The Experiment. In a situation where you get this (1, 2, 1), it means the experiment was a success. In this case (2, 2, 1) The experiment was a failure. Finally for the perfect failures and perfect successes as follows (1, 1, 1) or (2, 2, 2) there is usually a small bonus to these experiments, purely cosmetic still, but always interesting to see. Ask a scientist what these mean for you based on the experiment.)

Ethics And Procedures

'All Staff members are required to do the following things to ensure the utmost care for all patients.' +Clean Uniforms, We don't have any to provide, but we expect you to cover up before treating a patient, we're a hospital, not a strip club +Wash Hands Before Treating Any Patient +Wear Rubber Gloves Before Treating Any Patient +Wear A Mask Of Some Kind +Ask For Payment Upfront Or Offer Alternative Methods +Fill Out A Patient Report And Turn In To A Senior Or Head Doctor

Staff Position And Where Your Station Is To note before you read too far into this, keep your faction grudges out of the hospital if you do join a faction and you will have to treat your enemies. The hospital will remain neutral.

'Experiments - yes, though rare we see anyone that gets into this particular position, we do higher them after 10 experiments, these people will be subject to experiments with 'less' moral care for their well being, but they get a weekly pay for it as well as medical expenses, that said if a staff members wants to be an experiment, they will have to step down from their current position.'

'Hospital Security is a 5 man position, for those who wish to work the hospital, and none of the other corporations to help keep the place safe, you will be tasked with ensuring that the hospital, and any supply deliveries to it are safe, maybe even tasked to scavenge for materials. HOWEVER You are required to know at 'least' basic field surgery. You will also only be allowed into the 2nd floor at most, but otherwise likely stationed out front, or in the Lobby.'

'Hospital Interns Are Only Able to work in the Lobby, but are able to page any of the doctors, nurses, lead doctors, or even the head doctor as needed. They also only get ATM Pay.'

'Nurses are able to do on their own, minor treatment, physicals, check ups, and medicine prescriptions. They otherwise must be accompanied by at least a doctor or hire to use any of the equipment on any other floor.'

'Doctors are able to work on their own from floor 3 down but like other employees, they may go to the fourth floor to get their medical supplies. Otherwise, they must have either a Senior Doctor or a Scientists with them to work in the Lab. They are also given a Medical_Training_Neuro-Implant_(Permanent) to access supplies as needed. They are also able to attach and remove implants or cybernetics to patients, and cosmetic operations'

'Therapist, as odd as that might be for Earth, are there to help treat those with mental instability of some kind, they can prescribe medicine that they feel is appropriate for a patient, but otherwise are not to treat the injured or the cosmetic patients, they may use the 2nd floor as an office if they need to until we find a more suitable location to have a private conversation.'

'Scientist May use the lab for experiments, cybernetics, implants, cloning, cosmetic operations, medicines, reviving, AND cloning but are otherwise not to work on any care treatment otherwise.'

'Senior Doctors are to help teach other doctors and members of the staff with the hospital, but otherwise have free reign over the hospital and only need to answer to the Head Doctor, they are also allowed to hire and fire as they see fit with a heads up at least to the Head Doctor. They otherwise can do everything but experiment on patients.'

'Head Doctor is the person everyone else needs to speak to first before doing something they feel is out of their jurisdiction, and is there to keep things in order and deal with less 'social' patients, and possible negotiations with whoever may wish to work with the hospital or use the hospital for certain purposes.'

Hospital Layout

1st Floor: Lobby

'The lobby has two vending machines for any to buy and obtain food and drink from, an intern should always be behind the desk to page available doctors or nurses for those that enter.'

2nd Floor: Minor Care

'Minor Care, this is where the Nurses, and Doctors work. The garage door leads to the supply closet and separate gender bathrooms which feature a Full walk in shower, easy to enter bathtub, fresh cleaning supplies, and requirements for patients and their privacy. This floor also features a medicine synthesizing computer that can produce the appropriate medicine for the appropriate patient if the correct commands are put in by at least a nurse or higher ranking medical staff professional.'

3rd Floor: Intensive Care

'Intensive Care, AKA the operating room, is where Doctors, Senior Doctors, and Nurses Accompanied by Doctors go to install implants, take care of seriously injured. Featuring a classic surgery table for the doctors that prefer hands on operations. A head surgery chair with a computer to monitor the condition of a patient, and the Shivan-Modified Auto-Surgeon table. The table can synthesize medicine, artificially clone and re-inject the blood of a patient that has bled out, provide anti-grav to keep patients off the table directly and in turn easier to move over to operate on, and is equipped with multiple tools for whichever form of care they need.'

4th Floor: Critical Care/Lab

'Critical Care, AKA, The Lab is where Senior Doctors, Scientists, and some Doctors work and get their supplies for future operations. The floor has medical supplies for those that have been given the appropriate implant, a cybernetics and implant table, an incubator, and of course 3 Shivan Chambers to genetic level fixing of a body, cloning, mutating, or so on. These are to ONLY BE HANDLED by the Head Doctor, The Scientists, and Senior Doctors. Doctors, Nurses, and Interns should not even be considering using these without one of the other three watching over them.'

5th Floor: Therapist Office (WIP)

'A cozy and quaint room - to be - for private sessions and more privacy, when/if it ever gets made/finished/started, it will be only accessable by the head doctor, senior doctors, and the Therapists.

6th Floor: Staff Lounge (WIP)

'A place for doctors to relax, mingle, and even make residence if they have no place of their own. This floor however is still under construction.'

Xth Floor: Head Doctor's Office (WIP)

'At the top of the facility, the Head Doctor's office and possibly residence, it's there mostly for meetings, staff reports, and so on. Also Under Construction.'

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