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The Drevii (or informally, elves) are the third most senior race in the Solar System. Faithful practitioners of Magika, they hail from Venus. Through their belief that they are the custodians of the system and know best for younger races, first contact with space-faring humans and mytharii resulted in the Resource War. After the conflict reached its resolution, the Venusian Imperium aided in founding the System Alliance. The Drevii remain members of its council to this day.

Under the guidance of the Imperator, who most all Drevii revere unconditionally, the Drevii have become a technologically advanced people who use magika to not just survive but thrive on and above their harsh home world, Venus.

As the first to discover Magika as well as pioneering MagiTEK, the Drevii not only consider themselves the stewards of such within the Solar System; but to an almost religious extent, they believe Magika is the one true way to protect all living things from the Void.

Drevii are a diverse people. There exist cases of hybridizing with other solar races, and further occurrences of mutations resulting from their striking adaptability to environments that others may find unsuitable. However, those born of mixed races are often looked down upon by their purebred peers.


It's unknown how the first true Drevii survived Venus' inhospitable atmosphere. Folk tales tell of ancient gods who sheltered their kind kind from the storms, but it was the elves' discover of magika that let them thrive. In these ancient times and hrough great effort, enormous magika stones were brought up from the ground, and the first cities were built upon such. Enclosed by protective domes and maintained by the most powerful magika users, the Drevii were finally able to thrive and literally uplift themselves above the clouds.

Over millennia, the Drevii built a floating civilization around their largely inhospitable planet. Though great tragedies befell the people through wars waged by rivaling empires, the most recent centuries have seen peace among the elves, and they have unified under a singular banner: The Venusian Imperium. After achieving space travel in 1961 C.E., their MagiTEK engines brought colonists as far as Mars by 1961. It was there that first contact was made with an alien species, the Mytharii. Small scale land disputes ensued, and it only grew worse over the years. In 2020 C.E., humans arrived on Mars and further escalated the conflict; and by 2098 C.E., it exploded into all out war. It wouldn't be until 2123 C.E. that the conflict would finally come to a close

After the fighting ended, the Imperium agreed to a non-aggression pact and founded the System Alliance along with the Mytharii, humans, and others encountered throughout the near century of war. A mere two years later saw Venus' great gift to Earth: A massive magika stone, affectionately called a Magika Seed, was delivered to mend the wounds wrought upon the planet.


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Drevii primarily speak their native tongue Ammeresh as well as Common, but those who live on worlds other than Venus often elect to adopt the native tongue of such a place. Either deliberately or subconsciously, a posh flexion is applied to their speech.


Imperiummmm! Love dat Imperator! He's like a king or something! Sorta.


Talk about MagiTEK and cite the floating cities. And the cool MagiTEK engines that propel with super hot fire.


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A Solar Drevii

Drevii come in a number of different shapes, sizes, and colors depending on their heritage; and in many ways, they appear quite similar to humans. All Drevii are born with elongated, often pointed ears. Vibrant skin tones are not uncommon including even bright shades of red or blue, but flesh is rarely dark and achromatic. Elaborate dress is typical. It's in Drevii nature to be exceptionally presentable at any given time.

Solar Drevii

Solar Drevii are among the most common. The aristocracy who live in the Venusian cities above the clouds, bathed by the sun, are born with warm skin tones and hair color. Men and women alike are taller than most humans, yet they remain wispy and slender from favoring a powerful magika aura over a robust physical form.

Lunar Drevii

The yin to Solar Drevii's yang, Lunar Drevii are the diminutive cousin whose origins are often in the surface-based MagiTEK domiciles beneath Venus' stormy skies. With skin tones that are typically cool colors like blue and violet, even their eyes may be of such peculiar appearance. Hair is often paler and silkier than their sun loving siblings and typically some variety of silver. Shorter than average when compared to humans, their men are often lithe with compact muscle, and their women are graced with generous curvature.

Other Drevii Strands

In addition to the Venusian purists, there also exist those who have immigrated to other worlds or lurk in particularly inhospitable locales. Arctic Drevii are nigh all blue of skin, have some limited aquatic features such as ears that resemble fins, and live in secrecy in the coldest environments. Earth Drevii are the most similar to humans whose only notable difference is often just the shape of their ears. Titan Drevii, while few in number, are affected by the mytharii they share a home with. They may have cat like attributes such as fur or tails, their eyes and hair are frequently some shade of green, and an earthy skin tone sets them apart. Exceedingly rare, there also exist those who have suffered prolonged to Dark Magika; and as a result, these Dark Drevii are plagued with pitch black eyes and flesh that lacks pigment.


Drevii are xenophiles, but it may be argued that their methods of expressing this are sub-optimal. With their seniority in the solar arena, they look down upon most of the other races like children who must be uplifted and taught the proper way of doing things. Venusian Mega Corps, under the purview of the Imperator, conduct aggressive trade with others in the system.

While the Venusian Imperium is featured on the System Alliance Council as a founding member, the Drevii's actual sway is no more significant than any other government despite their best efforts. Given that the Imperial Fleet was involved with but not solely responsible for the gate incident and the resulting damage to Earth, it stands to reason that they may be considered more of a liability. To combat this, embassies have been established on planets across the system under terms considered agreeable to their peers on the council. Many of these embassies serve not only as a direct line to Venus with which to conduct swift political discourse but also as magika colleges to share their greatest gift with their allies.


In the case of Earth, the Drevii sent and implanted what they call the Magika Seed deep beneath the surface. In hopes of not only using its power to mend the ruined world, it is a well spring of valuable resources to be shared with the populace. To this end, the Venusian Embassy in Rise Colony serves as a forward staging ground for efforts to protect, cleanse, maintain this gift as a show of good faith towards EarthGOV and humankind. Drevii value their closest neighbor well above the rest of the civilizations in the Alliance.


Cybernetics, both autonomous AI and simple robots alike, are viewed as worth protecting and improving. To Drevii, cybernetics who are purely metal and plastic have a fatal flaw in that they do not embrace MagiTEK. After the Robot Riots in Earth's Dawn Colony, discrete efforts were made to see out the mythical moon that these machines may have converted to a mega city. It was hoped that MagiTEK could convert this pseudo-planet into a paradise, but it was never found.


Drevii see the Mytharii Clans like little more than animals, and some aristocrats even keep them as pets in their lavish Venusian homes. The offer to establish an embassy on Titan was never extended to the Mytharii. Their tribal nature, despite the great strides made in improving upon MagiTEK, ensures Venus and its people view the Mytharii home world like an enormous zoo. An Imperial capital ship stays in orbit over the moon to ensure the tenuous peace endures.


Splicers are an anomaly to Drevii, a creation which is viewed with curiosity but little more. Given that surgeries with intent to change oneself go against the tenets of purity ingrained in elven culture, a manufactured organic creature sits well within an uncanny valley. Additionally, their use as soldiers during the Resource War leaves a lingering bad taste.


Mutants represent everything that drevii believe they are not: Rife with flaws, mutants are considered unclean, wild beasts. That isn't to say that elves won't be cordial with them; but without any overarching culture to guide these creatures, there's token politeness in place of any true respect.


It's impossible to disregard the peace that the Anshiri brokered amongst the Solar System's space faring races, but drevii often remain skeptical. The biotech machines that these overtly friendly slug creatures hearkens back to splicers; anshiri seek to be something that they are not. Still, an embassy was established on Neptune's moon Trifton and functions as a means to share MagiTEK with a worthy ally.


The Hi'Vaa of Io and Ganymede are viewed as primitive creatures; they're seen more akin to actual insects than a civilized people. Worse yet, they're suspected to meddle in the forbidden magika. Truly, like the moths Hi'Vaa resemble, Drevii believe these xenophobic bugs fly too close to the flame.


A strained ceasefire exists after the First System War. Though no direct conflict has erupted as a result of Verga'an hostility towards them, the Drevii still view the people of Asgard with a warranted wariness. They exist nearly as an antithesis to one another: Verga'an not only reject magika, they blatantly denounce it. Only the System Alliance has prevented outright war.


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Venus, the 2nd planet away from the sun is a very difficult planet to live on due to it's ever burning and ever freezing features, so how are the Drevii pulling this off? Simple, they have made great advancements in Magikal technology, or "Magitek", to the extent of creating floating planetary colonies that use the natural heat and cold of Venus to keep their cities aloft. The cities themselves are kept in a protective material that keeps it's denizens at a healthy temperature and living state, with it's own unique ecosystem. These cities are only found in their prime state on Venus, other cities like this are usually planted in the ground on other planets looking like ivory, onyx, or golden kingdoms.


Drevii use a strict imperial type of government, known as the; Venusian Imperium that use a council system to govern the actions of it's people, with a all powerful emperor at the head, referred to as the "Imperator", believing order is needed through a group of permanent leaders. There are at least 5 councilmen to any Drevii city. This however is not the only way Drevii live, in such cases as a settlement run by a human, they follow those laws quite strictly. Usually the Drevii are a very loyal and orderly race. It should also be assumed that they are capable of a very fierce military force. It should also be noted for all their arrogance that Magika was introduced to Earth because of them, both in hopes of repairing the planet, and to teach the Humans of their religion, which for the most part is a strictly followed religion. However, the Drevii did not originally wish to share their ways, it wasn't until after the Resource War, that they agree'd to bring their religion and magika to Earth, based upon a deal made with the post war council. Some humans did not take kindly to this for religious reasons.

The world through Drevii eyes (In Character Reading)

Drevii Representative: Magistrate Vendethiel

'Ugh, this place is disgusting. . . hm? An interview about Drevii History? Of course you want to know about us, I don't know anyone who doesn't. . . the question is why should I bother?

'The enlightenment of the Solar System? I suppose that 'is' a noble cause. . . very well, I'll honor you with my words.

'Our History is long and rich like those 'humans' except replace Earth with Venus and 'barbaric science and actions' with 'Magika'. You see unlike that filthy mob of. . . what do they call themselves? Homo Sapiens? We of the Drevii had 'always' been better with our advantage on the Magika Arts, and so we found more creative ways to survive on our wonderfully dangerous planet.

'How did we do that? Wouldn't you like to know, but let's skip a few years to a more 'recent' time. As you may have heard that Red Neck 'President' of theirs we and the humans were at war with one another, but no, we did not start the war, we simply 'asked' to have their planet and they simply refused, Rude don't you think? We even offered money. . .'

'Of course we know about the Shivan and Anshiri as well, Humans weren't the 'only' ones that thought it was a good idea to recruit more Soldiers of other species, of course we took the advantage of recruiting those 'savage' Mytharii beasts, terrible hygiene habits but most excellent in combat. Of course we may have pushed our hand a little 'too' hard as they went behind our backs and got those 'Splicers' and machines. Rather dirty but what do you expect from a bunch of Apes?'

'Thankfully those splicers died easily, but those machines made trouble for EVERYONE in the system, you would think for a race as old and as 'close' to advanced as we are they would have expected that, needless to say it forced us to now and again work with them. Not the 'worst' species in the system to say the least.'

'No that honor goes to those damn Verga'an and their short tempers, and small patient thresholds, and their long winded arrogance. Nothing but big children with dangerous toys if you ask me.'

'Even 'we' were pushed back by those short hairy people, but eventually a system truce was made after the humans screwed over those Shivan and Anshiri off of Mars, forming EarthGOV. We couldn't be out done by them to say the least, so we formed our own corporation that focused around Magika Technology. 'Venus Industries', if it's not from Venus, then it's not MagikaTEK.'

'Now then, if your quite done, I'm late for my afternoon tea, you've held me up in this dank dirty place long enough don't you agree?'

*The Magistrate was escorted by a group of 6 heavily armed and prepared Drevii, one cleaned their way as they left, another laid out a red carpet, and a third was serving her some kind of tea*

Race Rumors

1):Said to have created Magika

2):Supposedly find Earth to be cold to them

3):Supposedly do not naturally have 'flaws' in their skin (IE usually lack zits, moles, blemishes, etc)

4): Have the best balls and galas in the solar system

5): Said to be the evolution of humans

6): Said to be the descendants of a 'outer system' race of Elves that even the Verga'an are cautious about

7): Said to have high heat resistant armadas waiting in the melted areas of Venus in case of war

8): Supposedly very good business people

9): Theoretically the race with the most subspecies of 'Elves'

10): Apparently don't know how to swim. . . huh

11): Supposedly can live twice as long as a human (IE if a human lives 80 years, they can live 160)

12): Self-proclaim they are the leaders of fashion in the system

Out of Character

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True Origins

While Drevii prefer to be viewed as the discoverers of magika, the reality is that they were created by and taught its use in ancient times by the Shivan. It was after the elves had mastered magika's use and started using it to colonize their inhospitable home that their creators left them to their own devices. Over time, this relationship became a perceived myth and nothing more.

Racial Traits

Elegant even in battle, Drevii are some the most powerful magika users in both close quarters and at range. For those of a non-magika persuasion, they also make for capable gunslingers. Like all races, Drevii have access to three exclusives racial traits in addition to the universal options.

Venusian Phage

You're a classically trained magika user from the Drevii home world.

  • You gain 1 extra ability slot.
  • You gain 2 Bonus Damage for each magika stone equipped.
  • Your ability slots may only hold magika abilities.
  • You can only gain MAE as a damage modifier.
  • Your base health is now 40.

Elven Ranger

You are graceful, lithe, and dexterous. You're too dignified to stumble or fall.

  • The ACC penalty of dual-wielding ranged weapons is reduced by 1.
  • You are immune to being knocked prone or forcefully moved.
  • You maximum DR is reduced by 2.

Venusian Duelist

The arenas of Venus are a close and personal affair.

  • While in melee range of your target, you deal bonus damage equal to your MAE with damaging abilities or gain the same amount of Bonus Healing when buffing or healing others.
  • When attacking outside of melee range, you suffer -6 to your total damage dealt.

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