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The information below is not general knowledge. It cannot be assumed that your character has had an opportunity to come across this information in their travels or that if they were to 'look it up', this information would be straight forward to obtain.

Ex Praeda
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Alignment Neutral Evil
Territory Unknown


Ex Praeda started out just like every other gang but through violence and intelligence has risen to become one of the most prominent and powerful criminal organizations in the system. A criminal organization that may have started small in regard, in times of late has it become something vast and large. With aspirations beyond what petty criminals would have, Ex Praeda operates as a syndicate exploiting the ruined situation of Earth.

If one wishes to contact Ex Praeda they would want to look

OOC Info

OOC Information:
Faction Alignment: Neutral - Lawful Evil - Neutral Evil
Faction leaders: Kage Marx


 Jerry Miani (Chicago Terasaur), Elly (bonnyjestra), Asami Ryuko (ayca.xenno), Kayla Rose (makayla.ronas), Toshia Kyrees (alushee essex), Tobi Null (Monsterbarf)

 Ex Praeda deals in human trafficking, sex, fighting, drugs, 'insurance', various businesses. Anything that makes a profit we want in on it

To see Rankings, Pay, and any other information please see the General Information card above. If you have any questions feel free to IM Kage Marx.

Ways to Join
1) Approach us at the Drifters or other various businesses.
2) Bring us information, loot, or run a small heist to prove your criminal status.
3) If you want to be a slave, IM Kage Marx to be 'marked.' (See general Information Rankings)

Note to Spies, Informants etc.
We've no problem with Spies or Informants OOCly, though you must you approach me OOCly instead of sneaking into group so we can decide on the way of things in order to make a fun and exciting RP experience for everyone. If you are not joining with the intent of creating good roleplay and only wish to join in order to "win" at the sim you will be denied. Your roleplay must produce a good and fun experience for both your core group and Ex Praeda. You will follow the spy and crime guide.


The Guidebook must be read and understood by all members. Contained therein is all of the pertenant information about how Ex Praeda operates and what to expect from the group. Codes of conduct, a general idea for what we represent, and an idea for how we handle ourselves are all found inside.