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Ex Praeda
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Alignment Neutral Evil
Territory Unknown


Starting out as a little shit hole of a bar it has some how managed to come up in life, be it through scamming, black mail or flat out murder. The only honor Ex Praeda has is honor towards Ex Praeda.

Often one can seek out any Ex Praeda in the low dives or in morally challenged areas of the city. They wear no marks or badges to show who they are, they tend to be the rowdy bunch eyeing your pocket change.

Simply put... beware.

OOC Info

OOC Information:
Faction Alignment: Neutral - Lawful Evil - Neutral Evil
Faction leaders:
Lutin Llewellyn

We deal in human trafficking, sex, fighting, drugs, 'insurance', various businesses. Anything that makes a profit we want in on it

To see Rankings, Pay, and any other information please see the General Information card above. If you have any questions feel free to IM Kage Marx.

Ways to Join
1) Approach us in the sewer bar to RP your way into group.
2) Bring us information, loot or slaves.
3) If you want to be a slave, IM Lutin Llewellyn to be 'marked.' (See general Information Rankings)

Note to Spies, Informants etc.
We've no problem with Spies or Informants OOCly, though I ask that you approach me OOCly instead of sneaking into group so we can decide on the way of things in order to make a fun and exciting RP experience for everyone. Also I will require a leader of your core group to vouch for your RP and Conduct before continuing

Unwritten Law within the Gang

[Ex Praeda]
Unwritten Code
(in written form!) v1.0 (4/10/14)

Motto: "Go fuck ye Mam"

Table of Contents
1) Conduct
2) Duties
3) Uniforms
4) Business
5) Money
6) Rankings
7) Inactives & Non-Participants

[General Information]


1) Conduct
Money, its all about the money, the loot, the sex, anything to get ahead. If your grandma has money we want it and you will get it for us.


2) Duties
We seek to collect on 'insurance' money from businesses, 'tax' on the populace of the city. Any who think they can talk back, stand up or against us must fall. You will shake them down, take what they have of value and put them in their place.


3) Uniform
There is no official uniform, though members are encouraged to dress according to your area. Meaning that if you're in a low dive, go roll in a dumpster. If you're in a high class joint shine you your sneakers. We aim to blend in.


4) Business

--> Human Trafficking: We enslave debters, to fight or sell sex as a means to pay off their debt. Anyone in debt to the group can expect their debt to be doubled once they are enslaved.
Slaves are not kept caged up for the most part as a special chip is implanted in their neck and wrapped about their spine to keep them in line and coming when called. Slaves who are augmented to fight or serve the group have more charges tacked onto their debt (OOCly we wont do this unless you dont mind.) Slaves debt can also be sold to individuals if the slave proves useless for making money. (Also see Ranking)
------> Fighting for Slaves and Free, we make money off the prize fights and betting. Further info in fight notes found in main card.

--> Black Market: We intend to sell Drugs, Weapons, Armor, Enhancements and even people on the Black Market

--> Insurance: Businesses will be sold insurance to keep their business from going up in flames, and their employees from being harassed by Ex Praeda. If the business does not comply to buy our insurance then it is liable for shake downs, looting, mugging etc. We do everything in our means to convince them it is the right thing to do to go with our 'insurance.'

-->Debt: Ex Praeda the collections agency of the future... they'll collar you and make you work it off by god. Any time a player builds up debt with an Ex Praeda member fill out a note ( 􀀄 ) and drop it off at the bar to add to our Debtors Book.


5) Money
Money will be distributed as we get it, to those who are active in the events and business of things.

At the moment we do not pay out a weekly wage, once the Ex Praeda's bank has a decent sum stocked up wage will be paid to active members in the group.

During events the loot and money will be pooled according to participants in the event. The loot and money will be distributed out in shares, the group as a whole getting the gross share as to continue business, shortly followed by high ranked members, then average, and low ranks, then people hired on from the outside with the lowest pay. (Only active participants get a pay out from events. Also See Inactives & Non-Participants)

(See Rankings to get an idea of shares)


6) Rankings
Each name is an individual Rank, some ranks are equal to others though have different jobs but share the same share amount.

Rank 1 :: Boss (40 Shares)
--> This rank is the Big Boss. She runs things and her bank roll is basically the group bank roll. Anything she makes will go into the Ex Praeda bank to buy, sell and distribute items, money and deals.

Rank 2 :: Under Boss (20 Shares)
--> Under Boss is the second in command, they are able to stand in at times when the Boss lady cant. They do general management of the group in her place, standing in for her and acting as the face of the group to the outside. They will be the ones collecting the money and issuing orders to the Enforcers.

Rank 3 :: Enforcer (15 Shares)
--> Enforcers are just what they are, they Enforce. If you have a debt, or have caused trouble to the group you'll be sure to see one of these Mo'Fo's coming for you. Generally they tend to be the strongest, and best fighters. Sometimes even participating in the fight ring. They are the Muscle

Rank 4 :: Crew (10 Shares)
--> Crew is the all out accepted crew of the group. They do the day to day grind of things and are generally the ones who fill out the group. While the Enforcers bring muscle, these guys bring the numbers.

Rank 5 :: Runner (7.5 Shares)
--> Runners are the lowest of the group, people just entering the group who have yet to rank up. They are given menial tasks and used as basic cannon fodder. Bringing juicy information, big money or any thing that will fatten Ex Praeda's wallet is a sure way to rank up.

Rank 6 :: Fighter (2.5 Shares)
--> Barely above a slave, Fighters are treated somewhat better, like a good dog. They are given a small share of profits in order to have dun or improve themselves. Or they can surrender their shares to their debt if they wish to be free. (Also see slave)

Rank 7 :: Slave (0 Shares)
--> Slaves get no shares as all their money goes towards paying their debts. Acting up, out or fighting will only prove to increase their debts. Slaves can be anyone from Debtors to people 'rescued' (aka kidnapped) from the streets. In the beginning they are given an account of what their debt is and the various ways they can pay it off. If they prove unable to pay they may just be used as meat for fights or simply killed.

(If you want to become a slave you can IM the Boss or UnderBoss to be marked OOCly for us to know you are open to being captured. Though if you are capped but refuse to contribute to the group yet refuse torture or death ICly for your character you will be ejected from the group as an inactive member, and possibly listed as 'dead' to the group, meaning we will not interact with you.)

Rank X :: Hired Help (5 Shares)
--> Outside Help, these people are not in the group but will receive a share if hired by the group. If they have worked with the group before and ended on good terms they also become available for the Associate Rank.

Sub-Ranks are also available, which are merely titles you will be asked to put in your titler though any sub rankings will be tacked to one of the Ranks above.


7) Inactives & Non-Participants

-> If you've been inactive 4 days out of the week you forfeit any weekly pay there might be.

-> Non-Participants will get no shares from the event pay out initially, though the gross share to the boss may be included in a weekly pay out. So if you are still active 5 days out of the week on sim you have a chance at money.


8) Group Cut

-> This is not OOCly enforced but if it is found out (ICly) you've made any sort of money from the regular business (i.e shake downs, looting, robbing, blackmailing, whoring etc) with out paying at the very least 15% to the group. You could find yourself on the wrong end of a shake down.
-> The money that is paid towards the group bank is money used to bail members out, buy equipment, pay medical bills and pay out to wages. This is something that we need help maintaining IC and OOC.