Barat Aral G-16 "Razor"

Type Rapid-fire, man-portable rail-gun
Service history
In service 2132–present
Production history
Designer Barat Aral
Designed 2127
Manufacturer Barat Aral
Produced 2129–present
Weight 4.85 kg (10.7 lb)
Length 965 mm (38.0 in) 3 34 in)

Caliber 2.2mm. (Fires 2mm. Plasteel darts)
Muzzle velocity 1,600 m/s (5,200 ft/s)
Effective firing range 1 to 2500 m (1 to 2700 yds)(Limited by optics)


This weapon uses the following tokens.

2x SMG.

2x Extended Magazine (1 per SMG)

2x Red Sight (1 per SMG)

2x Heavy Caliber (1 per SMG)

Total ACC requirement for competitive +6 ACC with this setup = 10. BACC and UACC combines, weapon ACC bonuses are individual.

Core info

The G-16 "RACR" (Rail-Accelerated-Combat-Rifle) or "Razor" as it was swiftly dubbed by the public, is a very high performance and very highly priced combat-weapon based on the use of two magnetic acceleration-rails mounted in tandem with one above the other. In most circumstances, the G-16 is "just another assault-rifle" but it is the rail-gun component that sets it far and away above the rest of its peers. It fires smaller rounds at barely 2 millimetres in diameter, but with such a tremendous speed that the kinetic force of the projectile is many magnitudes higher than a traditional gunpowder charged round of the same caliber could accomplish. This means the weapon can carry a much larger amount of ammunition at the same level of weight as a normal assault-rifle, while still retaining not only equal precision and stopping-power, but actually offering a respectable improvement in that area as well.

The primary weapons fire function offers three different firemodes. Semi-automatic, a three-shot burst and fully automatic as one would expect from any assault-weapon of the modern day. The "Integrated Subsonic Accelerator" uses a standard 40mm chambering to accept utility ammunition for secondary objectives such as delivering standardised smoke-grenades or plasma on target. It does so with a second magnetic accelerator slaved to the targeting-computer on top of the weapon. All the gunner has to do is aim the weapon and hit the trigger. A ranging laser is fired, gathering distance and wind-data to the target, the computer adjusts power-output and provides an aiming-dot on the shooters optics. When the reticle is aligned with the dot, the trigger is freed and the round is fired with a 99.98% accuracy-rating at 200 meters and closer.

The downsides of this incredible performance comes in the weapons weight. It requires both hands and substantial support from the users combat suit to properly function. In addition, the weapons powerful magnetic accelerators drain a lot of power and can become very difficult to wield if the user does not have adequate fire-control subsystems available.

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