Human (Rex)
Origin Earth
Language(s) English
Lifespan (Avg.) 90-110 years
Height (Avg.) 5-7 feet
Weight (Avg.) 120-180 lbs

This is a demo page for a new version of the Human species' information. It will be renamed/moved if deemed to be in an acceptable state.


Physiology & Environment

General Appearance

If you don't know what a human looks like, there's likely a problem here. That being said, there are humans with light mutations, splicings, Hybridizations and cybernetics in their system and still count as humans because of this, but for the most part a person can recognize a human simply by looking at their overall appearance.

History & Background

Human civilization is almost as ancient as the race itself. From the ancient cities of Egypt and Rome, to the Modern cities of New York and Detroit. Of course all these civilizations have gone extinct, but Humans have found a way. Most humans tend to live on colony stations orbiting a planet, or like the EarthGOV group on Mars. There are small settlements on Earth of course but they tend to be overlooked by most people in the system.

Culture & Society

Humans tend to separate their people in 3 major classes. High Class humans tend to live on stations orbiting planets in great amounts of luxury, with all they could ever want or need due to their social status in their work force. Middle Class humans tend to live in cities or with mining companies or smaller companies, most are planetside, but now and again some live in smaller orbital colonies. And finally Low class humans tend to be forgotten in the wastelands, they survive, but due to their government systems the low class humans tend to become rebels or try to form their own government system. With this all said humans tend to be a very mixed bunch, usually getting along better with other humans, but also willing to work with others if it serves a means to an end.

Psychology & Philosophy

Humans are quite diverse in many aspects of life, but they tend to be rash and xenophobic. Always in the pursuit of bettering their lives, advancing technology, or immortality, they go through any lengths to get what they want. Cautious but confident, that's how one might describe a human. They are also deep thinkers at times - or complete imbeciles depending on who you asked. There are also humans that don't seek advancement and just seek anarchy and tend to fight one another or whatever gets in their way for the sheer entertainment.

Government & Politics


Calendar & Timekeeping

Gregorian Calendar

Language & Letters


Technology & Trade

Interstellar Economy

Most stations you see orbiting a planet are made from Human engineers, they also lead companies such as EarthGOV. and the Colony Hospital Branches. Humans were also one point the system's leading race. This is not the case so much anymore.




Worlds & Sectors

Humans can be found throughout Charted Space

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