"Amnesiatic Newcomer"
/ / Real Name Jaden Osiris
/ / Known Aliases None Known
/ / Gender Female
/ / Species [Data Expunged]; Splicer
/ / Allegience [Data Expunged]
/ / Place of Birth [Data Expunged]
/ / Occupation Freelancer
/ / Weapon of Choice [Data Expunged]
/ / Combat Style(s) [Data Expunged]
/ / Racial Spliced Genes
/ / Positive Trait Natural Runner
/ / Positive Trait Latent Instincts
/ / Positive Trait Conservative
/ / Negative Trait Cold Blooded
/ / Negative Trait Oversensitive Senses
/ / Negative Trait Flashbacks

Jaden Osiris is a freelancing Splicer originally "created" just before the outbreak of the Resource War and put to work as an infiltration and espionage operative; beyond this, there are no public records available that delve deep into her true identity.

In the interim time between the end of the Resource War and the present day, Jaden had somehow lost her memory. She woke up in the cargo hold of a transport freighter that was en route to Dawn Colony. For better or for worse she'd assimilated herself amongst the colony's denizens and set about looking for work as a freelancing mercenary. Among her various practical abilities she considers herself to be astoundingly attractive and seductive - being extremely narcissistic, as well.


There aren't many words that can be used to describe how Jaden portrays herself when in a public eye. She's calm, outgoing, and very open-minded. This contrasts heavily to how she is in a professional environment -- quick on her feet, cold, and calculating. There is something (whether it be an implant or a latent memory) that allows her to recall years of combat experience, which makes her an extremely difficult enemy to fight while on the battlefield. When in the heat of a fight, her calm and carefree nature quickly dissolves and makes way for one that is far more serious, almost battle-hardened.

When all is said and done, Jaden is confident in herself and her abilities. It's this confidence that had allowed her to join the Scorpions PMC for a short period of time. She had to leave due to personal obligations, taking on freelance work since then.


Jaden is naturally athletic and acrobatic with augmentations improving her agility and speed. The combination of her neural and ocular implants allow her to be hyper-accurate with any ballistic weapon. She was purposefully-spliced for infiltration and espionage, her body small enough for her to be nimble and quick on her feet while staying for the most part silent.


With her recent employment under Colonial Security, Jaden finds herself with access to improved equipment aside from her "standard loadout."

HR-22 Heavy Revolver
Considered to be a "mainstay" of her arsenal, Jaden's Revolver was actually found on her person when she had regained consciousness on the freighter bound for Earth. Its high-caliber ammunition proves to be effective in its stopping power, though she is limited into the amount of rounds she is able to load into it - the standard six for such a revolver.

The Paladin is Jaden's primary weapon of choice - it is a low-profile magnetic rail carbine capable of loading its proprietary ammunition as well as several stun rounds suitable for crowd control during riot situations. Its standard magazine has a capacity of sixty 6mm magnetic-bolt rounds, and is able to load FMJ (full metal jacket) rounds as well. It is a fully-modular weapon system that can be equipped with a laser/flashlight module, an underslung grenade launcher, a vertical foregrip, a red dot "reflex" sight, and a mid-range scope.

Nature of Splicing & Augmentations

When she underwent her splicing, Jaden was fitted with several implants and augmentations that would render her capable of being able to handle whatever task was thrown her way. In short, she was made to be the perfect infiltration unit, along with her deceptively attractive and unassuming appearance. Some might argue that she is more cybernetic than she is organic, at this point. While she still had these augmentations when arriving at Dawn Colony, they required repairs and some were needing to be replaced altogether.

Assortment of Neural and Ocular Implants
Jaden's implants were installed to suit her occupation as an infiltration splicer during the last war. She'd never taken them out, which gives her a deceptive appearance of a sweet, frail, and bubbly character without a care in the world. Internally, she is able to view her surrounding areas with explicit detail and is able to pinpoint any small thing. When handling a weapon, she is hyper-accurate as her implants work to determine the path of her fired rounds, the speed at which they'll travel, the spread of automatic or burst rounds, and the distance they'll cover which would allow her to fire off a shot within seconds of picking out her target with little to not preparation needed. Her ocular augmentations also allow her to see in pitch-black darkness by constantly adjusting her view contrast and brightness.

Cybernetic Augmentations
Her cybernetic augmentations were installed for the same purpose as her implants -- making her as nimble and agile as possible while giving her as many advantages in a battlefield situation as possible. Her reflexes are "quicker than normal," which some might confuse as superhuman reaction times. As an example, when working with her neural implants she is able to catch a stone discretely thrown at her from behind at a moderate distance without a moment's thought. The cybernetics for her arms allow her to lift up to five times her weight. The augmentations installed into her legs also allow her to run faster, and for much further than an average human being. The double-purpose of this installation would also be the internal sound dampening servos, allowing her to move quietly while being able to maintain a modest ground speed.

OOC Information

The player of this character provides express permission for Jaden to be involved in any non-consensual adult situations as a means of advancing her personal story.

As a character, she is often very approachable in any situation.

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