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A Light Machine gun, or a L_a_MG_Class_(Permanent) as it appears in the system, is an anti-infanry based rapid fire suppression weapon, used to force enemy units to take cover between volleys made by riflemen. It is inaccurate and hefty, with its intent being primarily to frighten, rather than damage.

This weapon is typically styled as a belt fed, heavy support weapon such as a M249B.


This weapon has the [Cumbersome] trait

The LMG does 5 ballistic damage per hit.

The LMG is a weapon that attacks with an AutoFire Volley, and in doing so, creates a zone (Not to be confused with Zone Effect) that enemies may not enter without rolling AGI versus three attacks. This zone lasts 1 round.

A natural roll of 19 will cause this weapon to proc "Suppressive Fire" with no damage penalty.

Firing this weapon multiple times consecutively causes a stacking -2 ACC debuff until fire has ceased for one round.

This weapon may Autofire 3 times by default, and requires 2 rounds to reload.

This weapon cannot be dual wielded.

This weapon takes two hands to wield.

This weapon has 2 attachment slots.


Aint shit.



Munition Usable?
AP_Rounds ???
BlueShot_Rounds ???
KAB_Rounds ???
L_AP_Rounds ???
RedShot_Rounds ???
Rubber_Bullets ???
YellowShot_Rounds ???

Weapon Addons

Addon Usable? RULING
X_Ray_Optics_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Balanced_Grip_(Permanent) ??? !!!
MagiTek_Handle_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Maglock_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Energy_Trembler_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Bayonet_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Extended_Magazine_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Heavy_Caliber_(Permanent) ??? !!!
IR_Scope_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Primitive_Construction_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Red_Sight_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Silencer_(Permanent) ??? !!!
UnderSlung_GrenadeLauncher_(Permanent) ??? !!!
UnderSlung_Shotgun_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Zoom_Scope_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Flak_Modification_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Heat_Seeking_Targeter_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Burn_Magika_Gem_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Corrosive_Magika_Gem_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Defense_Magika_Gem_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Force_Magika_Gem_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Freeze_Magika_Gem_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Maim_Magika_Gem_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Silence_Magika_Gem_(Permanent) ??? !!!

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