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A large Anti-Material Rifle, known in the system as a L_s_AMR_Class_(Permanent), is a heavy rifle used for anti-vehicular and anti-armor based actions, intended to be used at a very long range due to the heft of the weapon itself. This weapon is typically any sort of ballistic based weaponry that fires a round at an incredible velocity, enough to damage armor and structures.

This weapon is typically styled as a .50 Caliber rifle such as a Barrett M82, or a Gauss cannon.


This weapon has the [Sniper] trait.

This weapon has the [Tech] trait.

This weapon deals 15 ballistic damage per hit.

This weapon requires a reload for each time it is fired (Pulling the charging handle)

This weapon can target occupants of vehicles (Minus the Fleet Ship) even if the vehicle is currently protecting them. Enemies hit through the vehicle only take 8 ballistic damage. Attacking occupants does not damage the vehicle.

On a natural roll of 10, the targeted vehicle takes the [Disabled] debuff. This does not work against Fleet Ships, or if you targeted an occupant rather than the vehicle itself.

At close range (Less than 20 meters) this weapon suffers -2 ACC. This can be negated by sacrificing your movement phase.

This weapon cannot be dual-wielded.

This weapon takes two hand slots.

This weapon has 2 attachment slots.


Munitions Edit

Munition Usable?
AP_Rounds ???
BlueShot_Rounds ???
KAB_Rounds ???
L_AP_Rounds ???
RedShot_Rounds ???
Rubber_Bullets ???
YellowShot_Rounds ???

Weapon Addons Edit

Addon Usable? RULING
X_Ray_Optics_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Balanced_Grip_(Permanent) ??? !!!
MagiTek_Handle_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Maglock_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Energy_Trembler_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Bayonet_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Extended_Magazine_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Heavy_Caliber_(Permanent) ??? !!!
IR_Scope_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Primitive_Construction_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Red_Sight_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Silencer_(Permanent) ??? !!!
UnderSlung_GrenadeLauncher_(Permanent) ??? !!!
UnderSlung_Shotgun_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Zoom_Scope_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Flak_Modification_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Heat_Seeking_Targeter_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Burn_Magika_Gem_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Corrosive_Magika_Gem_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Defense_Magika_Gem_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Force_Magika_Gem_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Freeze_Magika_Gem_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Maim_Magika_Gem_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Silence_Magika_Gem_(Permanent) ??? !!!

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