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A large Tranquilizer rifle, known in the system as a L_s_Tranq_Rifle_Class_(Permanent), is a large rifle bored to allow the usage of syringes as a long range munition. This weapon is used primarily to apply debuffs to enemy combatants.

This item is typically styled as a compressed air based bolt action sniper rifle.


This item has the [Sniper] Trait

This item has the [Stealthy] Trait

This weapon fires items with the [Injectable] trait, as if they were special ammo.

This weapon takes one action to reload after each shot. (Cycling the bolt or loading a new injectable)

This weapon uses a combination of ACC and SUR to determine hits. (Max of +6)

This item cannot be dual wielded.

This weapon takes two hand slots.

This weapon has 2 addon slots.



(Plz make Injectable munitions list K Thx)

 Weapon Addons 

Addon Usable? RULING
X_Ray_Optics_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Balanced_Grip_(Permanent) ??? !!!
MagiTek_Handle_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Maglock_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Energy_Trembler_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Bayonet_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Extended_Magazine_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Heavy_Caliber_(Permanent) ??? !!!
IR_Scope_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Primitive_Construction_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Red_Sight_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Silencer_(Permanent) ??? !!!
UnderSlung_GrenadeLauncher_(Permanent) ??? !!!
UnderSlung_Shotgun_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Zoom_Scope_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Flak_Modification_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Heat_Seeking_Targeter_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Burn_Magika_Gem_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Corrosive_Magika_Gem_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Defense_Magika_Gem_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Force_Magika_Gem_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Freeze_Magika_Gem_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Maim_Magika_Gem_(Permanent) ??? !!!
Silence_Magika_Gem_(Permanent) ??? !!!

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