Lanny Ansar
"If I were to quit drinking altogether, the cumulative hangover would kill me."
Player: Lanny Ansar"

Blood Corsairs



Personal Data
Real Name: Lanny Ansar
Aliases: Wardaddy
Species: Human
Age: 47 Years
Date Of Birth: March 3rd, 2085
Blood Type: O+
Eye Color: Red (Augmented)
Hair Color: Brown / Black / Red
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 163 lbs.
Biographical Data
Place of Birth: Colony MI-237, Industrial Plaza, Alpha Centauri System
Relationship Status: Relationship with Ella "Gunny" Maddox
Known Relatives: Mother: Ansar, Arial C.

Father: Ansar, Tiberius J. (Deceased)


Male - Ansar, Denny P. (Deceased)

Female - Ansar, Lucretia H. (Deceased)


An Old-Breed Pirate that Moonlights as Security when the time is good, and the price is better.


Tall, lanky and ragged. Has worn scars across his face and body, and his hair varies in colors all across him, as a result of age and color dying. Tends to wear an eyepatch or other form of eyegear across his left eye, to cover a partially-failing augment.


Former Captain and First Mate to the Blood Corsairs

Current Crewman / Deckhand to reformed Blood Corsairs

Known amongst few remaining older colonists for his acts against Colony Security, leading up to and including: Destruction of Property, Aggravated Assault, Manslaughter, Theft and the Destruction of a Colony Water Treatment Facility.


None. He's done everything he could have done in a lifetime, and is currently enjoying his "Casual" retirement.


Blood Corsairs / Hand / Standard Crewman

Relation to: Blood Corsairs Good. These are my people. Always have been, always will be. Even if I'm not a huge fan of a few of them.

Relation to: Colony Security (COLSEC)  Bad. Inherent scum in my mind, and it sickens me that the job I work for provides contract work for them. Guess it explains a bit about my "Part-time" affiliations.

Relation to: EarthGOV  Bad. See "COLSEC"

Relation to: Ex Praeda  Neutral. Used to be good people. Now all I see from them are folks that linger about and hoard drugs amongst themselves. A shame, really.

Relation to: JunkHounds Neutral. Was good friends with Imp and Molly, back when they lead the 'Hounds. Nowadays, I have no idea what they're up to.

Relation to: Mytharii Tribe Bad. Known to run alongside COLSEC, and thus leaves a bad mark for them in my book.

Relation to: Scorpion Security Solutions  Neutral. Good people, bad intentions. I wouldn't be letting the sheer amount of assets they provide be wasted on waiting for EGOV to give me a call, if it were up to me. Let's just hope there's some third-party work to be had to stir the pot a little.



Firearms Proficiency (Small / Medium / Large)


Armor Proficiency (Medium / Heavy)


Armor / Weaponsmithing (Intermediate)


Raised in an overly-polluted Industrial Complex in Alpha Centauri, that manufactured synthetic polymers and composite metals to various outer-rim governments to produce hull plates and armored structures for starships. Left the complex in his teen years to enlist in EarthGOV TAF as an Enlisted Marine, before finally being discharged after a few years of service. Spent a good while inhabiting Horizon Colony, developing a knack for firearms and tech, and a bit of a lack of authority before the Horizon incident occurred, relocating him to Dawn Colony shortly afterwards.

Notable feats:

Former Military

Survivor of Horizon Colony

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