Organization Name: Lapadeia PLC

Organization Size: Mega Corporation

Primary Product: Civilian and military space and atmospheric craft.

Location of Headquarters: Venus

Estimated Number Of Employees: 25-50 Million

Defining characteristics: TBA

Major events of System-wide importance: TBA



Second In Command / Major Board Members: UNKN

Major locations of influence: Most of Lapadeias administrative, industrial and research facilities are located on Venus, with secondary focus being on Mars. As the sole provider of the spacefaring battleplatforms used by the Imperial Venusian Navy, much of their focus lies within their home region on that planet. Subsidary companies exist on other planets purely to help proliferate products aimed at civillian users.

Minor locations of influence: Business-embassies exist on Earth and Mars, with rumors of some attempts at establishing relations also in The Mining Belt

Average level of technology: Varies. Drevii spacefaring technology is frequently deemed superior to that of many other races and Lapadeia has played a significant part in earning them this reputation.

Notable events: TBA


Allies with: The Venusian Imperium Naminus LTD

Competitors: Previously - Barat Aral. Current - None worthy of note.

Treaties: IVA Surplus Agreement no. 98: Lapadeia hardware funded in part or in whole by the IVA that has passed a 15 year exclusivity date can be classified as surplus and sold to non-military sources, either by the IVA or Lapadeia itself. Lapadeia equipment can also be sold to former IVA officials still 'in good standing' without regard to an exclusivity agreement.

Alliances: N/A - Lapadeia does not have any official "alliances" to speak of.

Notable events: TBA


Likelyhood of resorting to illegal means: Very low. Lapadeia fights its wars in the courtroom.

Legal prowess: Extremely high. The company has managed to obtain de-facto monopoly on some of the Drevii people's signature wares, spaceships. This alone speaks volumes about the prowess of the prowess of the warriors it sends to the various courtrooms on Venus and beyond.

Illegal prowess: Unknown. While it is certainly safe to assume that noone reaches the heights of Lapadeia without some seriously shady talents, nothing credible has ever been brought to light. The few who do are swiftly buried in counter-suits and brushed aside.

Security measures: Average. Lapadeian facilities are overall fairly well guarded.

Notable events: TBA


Estimated total net worth: Baffling.

Signature wares: Most of the vessels fielded by the Venusian Navy have Lapadeia listed as its maker.

Main wares for export: Military (Venusian Navy and Army only) and Civilian atmospheric and space-capable vessels

Main wares for import: Lapadeia is fairly self-sufficient through the efforts of its subsidiary companies.

Notable events: TBA


Major research focus: Ship-level MagiTEK propulsion / shielding / directed-energy weapons / warhead-type weapons.

Minor research focus: UNKN

Notable scientific breakthroughs: UNKN

Notable scientific setbacks: UNKN


Major, positive organization-wide events: TBA

Major, negative organization-wide events: TBA

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