ICKnow IC Knowledge!

The information below can be considered general knowledge. It can be assumed that your character had an opportunity to come across this information in their travels or that if they were to 'look it up', this information would be straight forward to obtain.


M-30 ICARUS IV With the Heavy Urban Survival Kit


M-30 ICARUS IV H-U-S-K Sideshot, showcasing the augmented track-protection plates


M-30 ICARUS IV Main Battle Tank


Main Battle Tank



The first one

Ghostwall ASS

In spite of its less than flattering abbreviation, the A-S-S is responsible for saving more operative lives than any other auxiliary system fitted to a Scorpion vehicle. Effective against all forms of attack, the shielding is a persistently emitted field of ionized plasma coating the tanks armor. When an attack happens, the disturbance in the plasma results in an instant counter-reaction with no delays and no recovery-time.

Essentially the next step up from what was deemed 'reactive armor' in pre-resource war times, the ASS is an experimental design fielded only by Scorpion Security, with a few derivatives present among other operators across the sol-system. Due to the price of its manufacture however and the parts it requires, not many of these kits are available.


The second one

Predator SAS

The Predator SAS kit provides a vastly upgraded and much needed boost to a vehicles on board computing power. The ability to seamlessly change between weapons platforms on a multi-weapon vehicle is one thing, but the SAS also provides support for multi-purpouse warheads

At a simple switch of a selector, the operator can now change the function of a round already chambered without having to reverse the loading mechanism and load a different round to adapt to a changing battlefield. Shaving countless seconds from threat identification to the time where a round can be on target and possibly saving countless lives in the process.


Guess which one this is

Composite Overhaul Kit

The COCK is designed to not only overhaul most of your major systems inside of your vehicle but it also will beef up the amount of punch your Icarus or Behemoth can take. With COCK installed your systems and frame will be reinforced with a special coating making it harder and more resistant to enemy attacks. It also backs up and restores vital points at other systems that are not COCK will usually miss.


And this one?

Hermes FAT

Like it ancient namesake, the Hermes is all about speed. Though clever modifications to a vehicles suspension, replacing stock hydraulic pumps and actuators with ones fitted with after-market modifications, the vehicles ability to traverse rough terrain at high speed is vastly improved. As its name implies, the FAT-kit adds a bit of much needed girth to the vehicles suspension-rods, improving shock absorbing by a vast amount.

Pegasus Hover System

Wee Woo Flyyyooo

ICARUS IV Urban Dominator

Heavy Urban Survival Kit

The HUSK is the latest development in a long line of powerful additional armor-modifications for the Icarus and Behemoth platforms. Where earlier editions were either flat out too heavy or simply too thin to fill the role properly, with the advent of new refinement techniques and the use of depleted uranium, a complete immunity to small arms fire has been achieved, nullifying everything at ((Large weapons)) and below.


1x 150mm Smoothbore Rail Accelerated Main Cannon (Capacity: 47 Shells)

1x FN MAG-2 Belt-Fed Coaxial MG (Capacity: 2500 Rounds)

Sensor Operator / Commanders CROWS

Hyperion Industries "Efficient" Class C Autoloader System

2x Cellular Ammunition Storage Equipment (C.A.S.E) System

1x FN MAG-2 Belt-Fed Cupola MG (Capacity: 2500 Rounds)


Weight: 70.8t

Length: 9.97 metres (393 inches) (gun forward)

Width: 3.75 m (148 in)

Height: 3.0 m (120 in)

Crew 2

Armor: 6 Layered Durasteel / Uranium Alloy plating. Triplex Reactive Armor Self-Healing Nanoweave / Rubber Track system

Engine: 1x Valkyr-class Lithium Micro-Fusion Reactor

Speed: 80 mph (128,7 km/h)

Suspension: Dilithium-Reinforced Torsion Bar

Operational Range: 2500 Miles (4023.36km)

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