Player: MattyK Snowpaw

Colony Security


EarthGOV Research & Development

Personal Data
Real Name: Matthias
Aliases: Vreh'Kov Batch 1 Subject 'M'
Species: Splicer
Age: 34
Date Of Birth: April, 2098
Blood Type: O+
Eye Color: Cyan
Fur Color: Black/White
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120 lbs
Biographical Data
Place of Birth: Venus
Relationship Status: Single


Work in Progress

Visual Description

Matthias is something of an oddity, even by Splicing standards, in lieu of actually giving him any natural camouflage, his appearance is canid, with a Black overcoat and a White undercoat. What little can be seen of his skin is pinkish and his eyes are a light Cyan.


Matthias's personality can best be described as 'random, yet predictable in the right circumstances', favoring a 'do unto others' methodology. The only consistency in his behavior is that he believes in a greater good, and is often seen acting as something of the Jester, trying to bring a positive light to what would normally be considered a severe or grim situation.

Current Ambitions

  • To own 100% of the Equipment on his person.
  • To plant a Dead Cat lathered in Butter on Sethos's desk.

Group Relationships

True Neutral as Fuck.


  • Handling Large quantities of Caffeine on a day to day basis.
  • Multilingual in the tongues of Drevii and Verga'an.

Background and history

Note: The Following Paragraphs are considered Classified, and only accessible to Senior Members of the Venusian Imperium.

Originating from Venus, Matthias's conception was that of a Splicer designed to give the Venusian Imperium an edge in the corporate market during the more intense years of the Resource Wars, facilitating the role of Industrial Espionage and Deep Cover Infiltration for his Venusian handlers, softening up smaller corporations for hostile takeover.

After serving his purpose well, Matthias was considered to have reached the end of his operational lifespan and was sent on an implausible mission to infiltrate and sabotage a Luxury Cutter in orbit of Earth's Broken Moon, carrying foreign dignitaries around the same time as the Resource War was reaching it's close. The mission was a failure and Matthias went dark, presumed KIA.

End Classified Section

Unbeknownst to the Venusian Imperium, Matthias survived the failed sabotage and resurfaced in Horizon Colony around 2128, living out the remaining days before his genetic degradation as a scavenger, before being picked up in 2129 by the Pharmaceutical branch of a controversial Venus-based Heavy Industry for genetic sampling.

Racial, Traits and Equipment (IC)

Racial: Spliced Genes

Minor Traits: Multilingual (Drevii & Verga'an), Phobia (Arachnophobia)

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