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Mega Corporations

In RoE there are several organizations that control the weak with their power and sway over the citizens, the markets, and even governments. These corporations are usually the most powerful, and the biggest. A corporation that is a massive conglomerate, holding monopolistic or near-monopolistic control over multiple markets (thus exhibiting both a horizontal and a vertical monopoly). Megacorps are so powerful that they can ignore the law, possess their own heavily armed (often military-sized) private armies, hold "sovereign" territory, and even act as outright governments. They often exercise a large degree of control over their employees, taking the idea of "corporate culture" to an extreme.

This list encompasses all the Mega Corporations through the solar system, their power, their products, etc. It also denotes which are playable, and which are background "fluff" non-playable organizations that may be used in roleplay, but players may not be "part" of these factions, However, it is okay to claim your character was once a part of that company, to allow your character different degrees of background.

Disclaimer: Playable groups are groups that are joinable with a working pay check system in game. Non-playable groups may be used as background fluff. Players may say they work(worked) for these organizations and these organizations may be used for events as well, but they will not have inworld group's to join and do not provide a paycheck, they are merely "background fluff"

Pranatis, Inc.
Pranatis Incorporated
Earth/Rise Colony No DataNET Service Provider. 5/10
Linkworks LLC
Linkworks LLC
Space/Isis Station No Produces and offers Thought Transference technologies. 4/10
Kengmitter Co.
Kengmitter co
Earth/Alpha Colony No ArmorTech Production. 1/10
Earth/Alpha Colony No Hammür Advanced Weapons Systems. A massive weapons manufacturer. 1/10
Fareng Asgard/VP113 No A Verga'an industrial production, tech, and repair services corporation. 10/10
Pile Drive Industries
EXTRA PDI Logo Retouched
Everywhere Yes A massive mining conglomerate with contracts all over the solar system. 10/10
EarthGOV Corp.
Earth / Mars Yes Corporate government that handles all Earth Government and laws. 9/10

Chimera Pharmaceuticals



Earth/Rise Colony Yes A merger of colony hospitals with a pharmaceuticals company & EarthGOV R&D. 6/10
Aspera Corp.
Earth/All colonies No Rival corporation to PsiNanna Inc. 4/10
Earth/All colonies No Handles industrial grade chemicals and toxic materials disposal. 2/10
Idaxis Medical Research
Idaxis Medical Research
Neptune No Anshiri Biotech Reasearch. AKA; "IMR Biotech". 7/10
Rayif O' Loune
Rajif 'o Loune
Asgard/VP113 No Verga'an Machining corporation. Ran by Harridan O'Loune & Prabhu Rayif. 8/10
Space Station No Constructs Warp Gates and interstellar travel services. 4/10
Iravost Industrial Assembly
Iravost Industrial Assembly
Everywhere No Provides quick city building services with robot labor. AKA; "IIA" 8/10
Marlin-Safford International
Marlin-Safford International
Everywhere No Provides international mailing services on every planet to any territory. AKA; "MI" 3/10
Interglobal Commerce
Everywhere No

Provides interglobal buying, selling, and trading of goods anywhere. Keeps track of system wide economy and stocks. AKA; "ICO"

Saturn Communications Co. Earth/Spring Colony No ComLINK service provider and developer. 1/10
Mars No Large aeronautics and space research conglomerate. 4/10
Rasc PLC
Rasc PLC
Earth/Mars No Publicly owned company providing DataNET analytical and services. 4/10
Siedg GmbH.
Siedg GMBH
Earth/Alpha Colony No Ballistics & Firearms manufacturer. 1/10
Omnigen Inc.
Omnigen Inc
Neptune No Anshiri and Human company, Leading provider in Biotech and Prosthetic products and services. 9/10
Stratos Atmospheric Construction
Stratos AC
Space Station No Offers planetary terraforming services and on sight security services. Works mostly on Mars. AKA; "Stratos AC". 8/10
Chipenvale Everywhere No Massive synthetic food production and vending company. 1/10
Intersteller Computing Technologies Everywhere No Provides onboard computers and HUDs for aeronautic and space vessles. AKA; "ICT" 3/10
Vigour Machinery Asgard/VP113 No Large Verga'an manufacturer of industrial services. Built most of the industrial structures on Asgard that mechanized the planet. 8/10
Neptune No Anshiri conglomerate providing Anshiri bio containment suits. 6/10
Everywhere No Provides live stock exchange and economy based information and reference, works alongside ICO. 10/10
Lapadeia PLC
Lapadeia PLC
Venus No Drevii lead, Imperium controlled Massive provider of MagiTEK ship engines. 5/10
Naminus LTD
Naminus LTD
Venus No Drevii lead, Imperium controlled MagiTEK Weapons Provider for the Imperial Army. 5/10
Senvis LLC
Senvis LLC
Venus/Mars No Provides Cybertech Products and Services. 6/10
Optila PLC
Optila PLC
Venus No MagikTEK component replacement and repairs. 7/10
Monolith Industries
Monolith Industries
Mars No Research and collection conglomerate for Shivan relics on Mars. Leading provider in alien technologies. 2/10
Genesis Staffing Co.
Genesis Staffing
Yes Criminal front that provides temporary staffing services. Places EXP gang members into all facets of mega corps to conduct corporate espionage and theft. 8/10
Polaris Systems
Polaris Systems
Mars No Military Grade Space Vessel Manufacturer. 5/10
Rulen-Krantz Consolidated Asgard/VP113 No Civilian Grade space vessel manufacturer. 5/10
Crasis Conglomerate Neptune No Produces industrial grade space craft. 4/10
PsiNanna, Inc.
NewPsiNannaLogoPresentationNoText 1024
Earth/Mars/ All colonies No Massive computer manufacturer, OS designs, and hologram inventors. 9/10
Universal News Radio Everywhere Yes Provides news across the solar system. 8/10
Yem-Zeni Private Security Everywhere Yes PMCs. Leading provider in security and defense services to any situation. Mostly on Mars. 5/10

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