ICKnow IC Knowledge!

The information below can be considered general knowledge. It can be assumed that your character had an opportunity to come across this information in their travels or that if they were to 'look it up', this information would be straight forward to obtain.


 Mercury is a uninhabitable planet mostly used to mine and drill resources from, many mining organizations have established large stations and orbital drilling platforms around the planet, and hundreds of mining vessels travel the planet for resources. The planet is rich with raw resources and Magika stones that the Drevii spend alot of time harvesting.

Datalog (in character reading)

'Mercury! First planet to the sun, and a melting pot of mineral sources that you sentients deem required! It's too hot even for the Drevii to live on and there's just no solid surface, of course that hasn't stopped the Drevii from extracting from it through their Magi-Colonies for Magika Stones!'   

'What does Mercury have to do with Magika stones? Well Space Explorer if I knew that I'm sure this would be a completely different guide wouldn't it?'   

'Current there are no 'Organic' inhabitants of the planet, simply orbital colonies of terra-forming cybernetics with sanctioned rights to trade amongst other races and the majority of Naminus LTD Labs.'   

'Of Course there are Earth'n'Mars Ba-Ba-Bas-Based Terraforming cybernetics as well, Why most of what you might use every day likely came from here at some point!'   

'But arguably the biggest group to terraform Mercury are the cybernetics of Uranus! Likely the only government that can even remotely say they own the planet officially!'

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