Player: Fivemouth

The Order



Personal Data
Real Name: Mireille
Aliases: Mire
Species: Mutant / Cybernetic
Age: ~23
Date Of Birth: Exact date unknown.
Blood Type: A+
Optic Implant Color: Lifeless grey metal
Hair Color: Black
Height: ~6'0 (varies slightly)
Weight: 250 (mostly in the tail)
Biographical Data
Place of Birth: Unknown
Relationship Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: A pack of roving parasite-zombies


Mireille is a blind fusion of mutant and parasite with extensive cybernetic augmentation. She originates from an unknown mutant settlement in the northern hemisphere, one rendered entirely feral and non-sapient by an aggressive waterborne parasite similar to the mytharii parasite-virus. Earth-GOV's research of this parasite was mainly conducted by Ashier/Hisoka, and the results have yet to be disclosed to anyone else.

Though she shares an appearance identical to her cannibalistic kin, she's known for being generally friendly, very wordy, and strongly motivated to serve justice.

Despite her name being pronounced something like 'me-ray' due to its french origin, the nickname "Mire" has risen from extensive misreadings of rosters and reports.


Mireille is of an average build for her height and has short black hair, the bulk of her form covered in decorated fur ranging in color from light grey to black. Infested as a child, the modifications by the parasite are severe-- manifesting mainly in her ears, tail, and arms. Her heavy ears and tail both bear enormous maws with well-kept teeth and long tongues. Despite their apparent status as additions, her ears and tail are the only parts of her capable of expressing emotion. Her hands are disproportionately large and sturdy for her size, functioning tongue-pads sitting in their palms.

History at the Colony

On the day of her arrival to the colony, Mireille joined Colony Security. Her blindness and tendency to suffer from accusatory hallucinations would have greatly inhibited her work with them, but her status as the only blue phage in their ranks at the time allowed her to flourish. It was there that she acted as a healing sniper for several months, vanishing one day without a trace.

When she returned, she did not rejoin the ranks of Colony Security for reasons yet generally unknown. She floundered from job to job, landing eventually in work with the Order due to her magika expertise. She often wears their colors and proudly bears their symbol, believing the duty of the Order to be even more just than that of upholding the law through Colony Security.

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