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Race: Mutants

Planet Origin: Various

Race Age: Roughly 145 Years Give Or Take

Language: Various

Accent: Various, similar to how humans have various accents, Mutants tend to have an accent based on location of their birthplace and upbringing.

Average Life Span: 30-150 Depending On Mutant Type

Appearance: Much like splicers one can never really guess 'what' all mutants look like, but it's generally assumed that these natural born genetic altered beings tend to look like furry animals or demons or what have you. This race is a more natural looking mutation, meaning their furs are more realistic colors if not dyed otherwise, ranging from birds and mammals, to demons and angelic things. Mutants are natural born genetic modified beings, meaning they were like this since birth.

Personalities: Like splicers mutants gets treated bad by other races, worst even since they were born that way. Unlike Splicers however they're more willing to fight back. It tends to be that a mutant is more confident in themselves, but have been known to be self-loathing since it's difficult to live in certain societies without judgment.

Solar System Influence: Mutants aren't a very liked race, but they were able to get certain equal sentience rights set up for themselves, cybernetics, splicers, and mytharii, so that all races can be treated as equals in designated locations and prejudice would be lifted. This however does not apply to all colonies or planets for that matter.

Civilization: Mutants tend to be like humans but more like Mytharii, meaning they have entire settlements and have hierarchies of social statues, but like the mytharii don't discriminate so much with one another as other races might. This makes them more humble, but more confident in their union.

Society: As stated above they're in a similar situation as humans and mytharii, in that they have a tight knit hierarchy, if it weren't for being disrespected by other races, it's likely they would be the dominant of the races. Even Shivan recognize this potential.

Mutant Representative: Tag

   'Well Hooooowdy there, Names Tag, I'm a CapreeCorn and I lyke long walks in the parrk! What's that you say? Just answer the questions? Well I don't mynd, What chu wanna know?'

   'Our History? WEEEEELLL that's pretty dang colorful if ya ask me! Ain't purdy though, Lots a folks don't care much fer my kind ya know? Somethin' 'bout us bein' weird or abominations or some such nonsense! Well I tell ya what my mama told me, 'don't take no lip from no one and bop 'em one good!' ain't failed me yet, so it's gotta be good advice right?'

   'Think the first of our kind was born from a splicer likin' one of their enemies durrin' the war and had their little Romeo and Juliet thing, I never read none of that Milk Shakespear stuff but I hear it's a romance so ya know it ended well!'

   'Course we get the short end of just about every stick and any pies we get are just thrown in our faces, but ya know what? I was talkin' to those Shivan people and they say that if we wanted to we could rule the system! Course them Verga'an won't be havin' none of it, so ain't no point, sides we don't need the Solar System to make us happy, just work, respect, and places to live, eat, and be free give or take!'

   'We might be the youngest of the races, but I like ta think we're pretty damn wise, even among the ancients, cause ya know, this is just a small spec in a great big universe and life's too short to be wastin' fightin' amongst ourselves!'

   'Oops, got abit deep there a moment, so this good? Ya got what ya need? Great, well ya'll have a good'un!'

*This interview ended with a surprisingly deep off hand comment. . . and the mutant getting arrested for some reason just outside the interview office. . . making the deep moment get over looked. . .*

Diplomacy: Mutants have a hard time getting along with other races as most other races see them as abominations of nature. Regardless it's a little impossible to not run into the other races.

*Humans: Fur-less biggots. Humans are the first to jump to the conclusion that mutants are abominations and make it very difficult to trade with. So in turn Mutants see humans as nothing but ignorant ape people.

*Drevii: Like humans but worst. Drevii tend to give NO respect to mutants where humans will least talk to them. So in turn Mutants tend to put a Drevii down when they try to be arrogant around a Mutant. It gets pretty ugly after that.

*Cybernetics: Not a problem. Cybernetics tend to leave mutants alone, which isn't the worst thing to happen to mutants, at least they aren't trying to kill them.

*Mytharii: A bit uncivilized but likely can teach a lot of things. Mutants and Mytharii are sort of like lemonade, if it's just water and lemons things get sour, but add some sugar and it's worth 25 cents.

*Splicers: Sibling Race. Mutants and Splicers have to look out for one another, so it is to the Mutants their duty to help keep splicers that aren't welcomed in society safe from harm. Sort of like a big sibling, despite being the child race of the two.

*Anshiri: Are you sure they aren't just mutants? Although Anshiri treat mutants rather friendly, they can't help but wonder why the Anshiri aren't treated like Peria like themselves and splicers, call it envy if you have to.

*Verga'an: WHAT PART OF IS IS FAIR GAME?! They think despite how advanced this race is, that it's nothing but psychopathic dwarves, why all the hunting, what's so great about fur pelts?! Why all the axes?! To say the least this race terrifies them for that sheer fact.

*Shivan: Terrified for other reasons. Shivan tend to treat mutants as equals thankfully, but the draw back is to Shivans a mutant is the ultimate petri dish for DNA, doesn't help they look like undead monsters to them.

Race Rumors:

1): Supposedly are nothing but furries

2): Are the offspring of splicers and anything else

3): Have the most unstable of genetic structures

4): Are far less discriminating of other mutants

5): Treat splicers as little brothers and sisters

6): Depending on the type of mutant may have interchangable genders

7): Are possibly born from various birthing styles such as eggs and pods.

8): Assumed to have higher sensory capabilities but yet to be officially proven or recognized

9): Have the potential to be the dominant race in the system

10): Might be the closes thing to actual animals in the wild on planets that lack them.

11): Are depending on the mutant under certain endangered species protections

12): may have started as a slave race