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Mytharii are a race of catlike or nekolike humanoids with quick feline-like reflexes and traits from their animal cousins. They hail from Titan but now also inhabit Earth and Mars. They Make tight-knit clans in desert regions, traveling as nomads, only coming near human civilizations for resources, trade or salvaging. Mytharii are extremely territorial of their land and are formidable combatants. They work in tribes, dealing with one, means you're dealing with all of them. You don't want to be wandering the deserts and stumble upon their clan lands!

Mytharii carry various Accents. Some of the more notable ones sound as if they were Africanized Tribal accents, Persian, Arabic, Australian, and in some cases Irish, Southern, and Japanese, some even have a Spanish accent. Of course there are Mytharii that have gotten over their accent problems



The Mytharii utilize primitive looking armor much like the Predators from AvP.

All Mytharii are catlike/catfolk by default, but depending on where they come from, or what tribe they are part of, can greatly differentiate their appearances. Pure blood, Titan-living Mytharii are usually furry and more feral, with manes, tails, and hind legs (digi-grade legs). Some Tribes religiously remove their fur, or style it. While on Earth and Mars, Mytharii have bred with other races and appear more neko-like, much like Humans with Cat ears, eyes, fangs, and tails, Some even keep stripes tattooed on their skin. These more neko-like Mytharii tend to grow up or join the rest of society instead of remaining as isolated nomads.

Others are a mix of both, such as having a Mytharii with a mostly human body but having furry hind legs and a tail. Mytharii females who cross breed are more apt to lose their fur and become more neko-like, than the males. Males generally are almost always very large, powerful creatures with full manes and fur, even after cross breeding. Some tribes never reveal their looks to outsiders and constantly wear traditional or battle armor. Other tribes style and adorn their bodies in alien relics and war trophies. Mytharii wear interesting types of armor, mostly primal looking, but made of advanced alien materials and cloths. Dreadlocks and mud are a huge fashion statement among the more tribal/feral Mytharii clans and tribes.


Loving, Curious, Clever, Lazy, and Blunt. These are the five archetypes that usually describe a Mytharii. They tend to use action instead of thinking to express their feelings. Almost simplistic to read what they're thinking based on body movements. That said they tend to surprise most races at their level of intelligence since they're assumed to be nothing but savage in nature.

Solar System Influence

Despite what many people think of the race, the Mytharii have actually forced Humans, Drevii, and even Cybernetics to advance their sciences significantly due to how dangerous they are when cornered. It's also thanks to the Mytharii that Titan is a guarded Moon rather than a mining resource, and also introduced MagiTEK into the system.

At one point, before and during the resource war, the Mytharii were captured and used as slaved by the Drevii people. During the resource war, the Mytharii started an uprising and earned their freedom.


The Mytharii are surprisingly diverse in civilizations, but all of them can be tend to be camps and settlements that can be moved when need arises them to on Earth, while on Titan, there are massive hive spirals and cities the Mytharii live in. Titan Jungle Mytharii tend to live high in trees or near fresh water sources, while Titan Desert Mytharii tend to live in cliffs or near an Oasis. Controversially Mytharii on Earth however live more civilized pack styles. Wasteland Mytharii tend to take refuge in cliff areas or abandoned buildings with tents set up, and City Mytharii tend to live rather decent lives in either apartments or abandoned buildings, even in sewer systems. Of the races the Mytharii are able to live just about anywhere much like Humans.


Most Mytharii packs stay out of city limits if they are closer in touch with their tribal roots, otherwise they tend to do as they please. Despite this, unless they are pets or slaves, they tend to be rare on stations. Mytharii are a very warrior based society, some tribes even have 'tests of courage' and 'rights of passage' that include fighting until the other submits, very vicious creatures.

Mytharii heavily believe in tradition and process and doing manual labor over relying on technology like other races do. While they have advanced alien technology and weaponry, they prefer to use more traditional weapons and hunting and gathering techniques over anything else, and so heavily believe in these ways, that it is near religious. Something as simple as a hunt is a big event the Mytharii prepare for, and celebrate with large feasts and festivals. A traditional Mytharii will only use their advanced weapons or tools in emergencies or desperation. When the Mytharii have to rely on advanced technology, it is often MagiTEK tools or weapons they have crafted themselves.

The Mytharii do not have official nations nor one leader, but rather 4 major "Tribes", There are smaller tribes as well. These tribes operate all differently and have different cultures or traditions, and live away from each other. Each Tribe has an ambassador, that can communicate with other Tribes, a council, elders, and one Alpha and a few Betas in command of their tribes. These Tribes are usually not just small Indian-like tribes of only a few hundred, Mytharii tribes tend to be entire colonies or cities of thousands of people and even have their own armies. In times of planetary war, the Mytharii Tribes that normally war or spar will come together collectively to form a massive planetary army; the Mythra Alliance, which was only deployed once during the Resource War. After the War, this Alliance serves to benefit Titan as a whole and has a speaking place on the System Council, however a majority of the time, Tribes keep to themselves.

Tribes and often are so large, there are several clans inside the large Tribes. These clans are normally formed from family bloodlines and serve as a social hierarchy within a Tribe, some clans have more political power among the Tribe's council than others.

Major Tribal Clans -

  1. Hel'Cathra Tribe - Lost tribe, Playable, Resides on Earth

This was an old space explorers guild and tribe for the advancement of the Mythraii race, but when they fell to Earth, they were initially covered up, then treated poorly by the older governments, and cast out from society or placed into camps. After the Resource War, those left were granted their freedom by order of the System Alliance and the remnants of the which retreated into the wastes of a ruined Earth. They now are starting to slowly interact with society, but remain as nomads or independent merchants, and keep their distance from others due to paranoia over their mistreatment. Due to the lies the Earth government before EarthGOV has spread, it has led to a lot of misconceptions among the other Mytharii, who now falsely accuse them of heresy for wanting to reside on Earth with the Humans. But in reality, They are simply too poor to leave or not able to get through interplanetary-customs. The Tribe has now begun to mingle with other races and trade with them.

  • Jorman'lan Tribe - NPC Tribe, Resides on Titan

This Tribe is a Lion Mytharii tribe and is made up of several family clans and headed by a Male alpha, and a group of lioness betas that cater to him. They are normally the most peaceful tribe but possess the most fearsome and strongest warriors on Titan. They are neutral to interacting with other races, but prefer to remain on Titan.

  • Zann'ah'mahkii Clan - NPC Tribe, Nomadic

The Zann'ah'mahkii clan is a massive collection of Jaguar based Mytharii with hundreds of cities and nomadic settlements around Titan and other planets. They are renowned as being system-wide merchants and having great bargins on MagiTEK and other equipment. They are a massive merchants guild, and don't posses an army or warriors of any kind. These Mytharii are mostly peaceful. Their Alpha is a female, but their betas and elders are mixxed genders and have no gender discrimination in their clan.

  • Gory Tribe - NPC Tribe, Resides on Titan

This is a group of traditionalist primal Panther based Mytharii, and are made up of only fully furred, pure blood Mytharii. They are always clad in cat-like battle armor and war trophies. Their elders are all females, while the males are workers or soldiers. They are mostly aggressive and will attack or challenge other Mytharii Tribes. They are known to be the most fearful of Humans and look down upon the Hel'Cathra Tribe for living on Earth.

  • Zelmakah Clan - NPC Tribe, Resides on Titan

These Mytharii are Leopard based, and live in gigantic hive cities scatted across their territories all over Titan. Some in the deserts, some in the jungles of Titan, even building tree fortresses. They dress primitive, but utilize advanced synth-weaving techniques on jungle leaves to make battle armor. Some wear special metal masks with war paint on them, and primarily hunt in the jungles, they are known on Titan as the greatest hunters, but have the most secretive society, never sharing their hunting techniques. They do not accept or welcome outsiders ever. The Zelmakah have a have a special Alpha leader that is actually several Mytharii's brains plugged into a singular robot, known as; "The Mythalynx" and thinks as one. When an elder dies, it's brain is plugged into this robot to add to the hivemind AI they have created. They worship this Alpha as a deity and consider it holy, seeking it's wisdom and carrying out it's orders. A collection of Betas ensures orders are carried out, as the robot cannot move and is stationary, while groups of Sentinels guard the robot. Noone outside the clan has seen this robot.

In Mytharii society there are different roles significant enough to note. They can vary from tribe to tribe, but all tribes always have the positions listed below:

  • Alpha - Singular leader of a tribe. Their word is law.
  • Beta - Second in command of a Tribe, most tribes have several.
  • Elder/Council - The senior most experience members and serve under the Alpha as a council for him/her.
  • Sentinels - Elite guardians of the Alphas and tribe's territories.
  • Exalted - A role only found in the Hel'Cathra tribe, allowing an outsider non-Mytharii to have power as a council member.

Race Rumors

1): Mytharii are the subspecies of human/dreviis bred with some kind of cat splicer.

2): Shivans are their creators

3): Mytharii learn to use technology at an alarming rate

4): Let instinct think before they do

5): Do not like clear plastic bottles of water

6): Have a season of heat

7): become complacent if you give them food and a place to sleep

8): Supposedly evolved from an outer reach race that was highly advanced but for some reason took a simpler life over an advanced one

9): Act stupid on purpose

10): Love showing off

11): Are 'extremely' flexible

12): Males tend to be furry while females are sometimes more human (neko-like) or a mix.

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