Organization Name: Naminus LTD

Organization Size: Mega Corporation

Primary Product: Magika and MagiTek based military hardware.

Location of Headquarters: Venus

Estimated Number Of Employees: 2-3 Million

Defining characteristics:TBA

Major events of System-wide importance: TBA


CEO: N/A, Naminus operates directly under the rule of the Venusian Imperium and is headed by the Imperial Venusian Army.

Second In Command / Major Board Members: TBA

Major locations of influence: Naminus operates almost entirely on Venus.

Minor locations of influence: TBA

Average level of technology: Naminus is responsible for the majority of the IVA's arsenal, developing state of the art MagiTek weaponry, armor, and other military hardware. Very High.

Notable events: TBA


Allies with: TBA

Competitors: Barat-Aral Inc

Treaties: IVA Surplus Agreement no. 127: Naminus LTD hardware funded in part or in whole by the IVA that has passed a 15 year exclusivity date can be classified as surplus and sold to non-military sources, either by the IVA or Naminus itself. Naminus equipment can also be sold to former IVA officials still 'in good standing' without regard to an exclusivity agreement.

Alliances: TBA

Notable events: TBA


Likelihood of resorting to illegal means: Low/none. If it needs doing, Naminus resorts to it's connections within the Venusian government.

Legal prowess: Very High. Capable of calling upon the most skilled Venusian lawyers, investigators, and court officials, Naminus rarely is defeated in the courtroom.

Illegal prowess: TBA

Security measures: High. Naminus research sites are protected by the IVA as it's main in-house supplier of military hardware, including the newest and most advanced of Naminus' research projects. Being the IVA's in-house company, Naminus is also capable of calling upon advanced personnel when required for security measures.

Notable events: TBA


Estimated total net worth: Not available to the public.

Signature wares: Serves as the Imperial Venusian Army's in-house supplier of military hardware.

Main wares for export: Surplus military hardware. Top of the line or new equipment must first pass a significant exclusivity date with the IVA and IVN before being sold to the public.

Main wares for import: TBA

Notable events: TBA


Major research focus: MagiTek weaponry and armor.

Minor research focus: MagiTek powered ground and atmospheric (air) vehicles.

Notable scientific breakthroughs: TBA

Notable scientific setbacks: TBA


Major, positive organization-wide events: TBA

Major, negative organization-wide events: TBA

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