Ophelia Faith is a human clone heavily augmented with cybernetics and implants. She is a doctor at Sawbones Intl. where her medical and surgical knowledge is put to good use. As well as an extensive knowledge of medicine, genetics and cybernetics, She has a background in corporate relations from her days as an executive for a foreign corp many years ago, as well as skill in hacking, marksmanship, and tacticle strategy. She can be arrogant and aloof one moment, friendly and cheerful the next, depending on her mood. Avid smoker of Krovas, and drinker of whiskeys. With little to no interest in sex.

Visual Description

Ophelia is a slim, athletic looking woman, noticable by her white hair shaved on one side, and the cybershades often over her eyes. Covered in tattoos, and often smoking a Krova Blue. Often wearing black, leather pants, black t-shirts, hoodies.

Background / Life Before RoE

Born 40 years ago in another city, in a tube in a lab owned by the corporation Tokuma. as a clone of their director of R&D, and fitted with cybernetic implants at birth, ophelia was originally intended to be the monitoring system of the corp's line of cyborg security units. Accidentally was downloaded with the digital memory engrams of her mother, She was released from cryo and allowed to develop on her own. She became a director at Tokuma on Mars during an aborted terraforming project. Since then, she had worked as a street doc in one area or another. Over the years she has worked in various clinics, hospitals, R&D labs, and warzones as both a scientist, and a medical doctor. Mars, Phobos, the Moon, It was during her time with the 'Wasteland Wanderers' mercenary company as their medic, that she aquired the tattoos.

Inbetween travel , she often would put herself in cryostasis, this and occasional gene therapy has kept her appearance younger than her 40, although she was lax in keeping her cybernetic implants up to date, an error she is now working on correcting, as what was once top of the line 40 years ago, is a little obsolete now.


She is actually addicted to operating, wether it's implanting, removing organs, or a full cybernetic conversion, she mostly works in medical roles for the thrill surgery gives her.

She is always striving to overcome the shadow of her mother, largely why she came to Dawn, noone has heard of the Faiths here.

She largely takes medical jobs as a way to field test her own desigsn in medical equipment and nanites she has developed, successful designs she then sells to Tokuma as an independant contractor.

She has little to no interest in sex, despite hanging out in Journey's End occasionally.

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