This is a repository of all player driven events that occured in 2017, by month.

This list is meant to be used to control details of specified events, and prevent hearsay from infecting their history.

Items marked Public are general events that all players will know about/Can research.

Items marked Private are private events and will only be known to the participants/Faction

Only Admins may modify this page, so all events must be submitted through a wiki admin.

Event Name:

Event Date:

Event Location:

Event Story Teller:

Event Faction(s) (If Applicable):

PVE or PVP?:

Private or Public:

Event Description and Major Notes:

OOC Information

Story Teller Notes:


Information learned during event:

Loot distributed during event:

Link to log file (If Applicable):

Event Name: Destruction of McNugget Factory

Event Date: January 21'st 2133

Event Location: Abandoned underground bunker/Facility in wasteland

Event Story Teller: Zeri Zeranovka

Event Faction(s) (If Applicable): Ex Paraeda / The Tribunal


Private or Public?: Private

Event Description and Major Notes:

An emergency distress beacon began to play on January 20th, running overnight. after a short investigfation, members of the Ex Paraeda group discerned the location of the emergency beacon, residing underground in a forgotten facility. Due to the nature of the beacon, being military tech, it came into the best interests of ExP to pursue the beacon. During their convoy to the wasteland, they were followed by members of the Tribunal, who were attemption to combat action of The Order in the region, and mistakenly followed ExP to the event.

After using high grade explosives to unblock the door to the facility, members began to climb downwards to this isn't a real event why are you still reading this and find the source of the beacon, only to be interrupted by ancient security drones. I do not have the focus to keep writing this fake story srsly.

OOC Information

Story Teller Notes: The nuggets were really good. Two ExP vehicles destroyed. One Tribunal member downed.

Participants: Cheese.Whiz, Johny.Walker, Waffles.Resident, Timbuck.Two, Pansy.Willos, Pokemon.Reference

Information learned during event: 100 year old McDonalds BBQ sauce is still good.

Loot distributed during event: 100 packets of Ketchup

Link to log file (If Applicable): I'm really hungry.













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