Rook Core
Player: Kazne

Ex Praeda

Job: Chimera Pharmaceuticals
Personal Data
Alias: Rook
Species: Cybernetic
Age: Undisclosed
'Blood' Type: Liquid Oxygen Coolant
'Eye' Color: Magenta
Weight: Various
Biographical Data
Place of "Birth": Phobos


The anomalous cybernetic known as "Rook" has diverse connections with numerous groups in Dawn Colony.

The striking designs of Rook's chassis often cause it to stand out, making it easily recognizable.

Visual Description

Commonly inhabits a large, ball-shaped chassis comprised of curved plates. The outer plating appears to be comprised of a tough durasteel-carbide alloy.

Rook has also been seen occupying a smaller drone-like frame, which is capable of flight through the use of grav-plate engines.


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