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Planet Origin


Race Age

Roughly only 150




Various Or None - Most splicers start out as another naturally-occurring race, and are modified beyond recognition, resulting in their current form. As such, speech patterns would reflect their origins.

Average Life Span

25-50 Years Depending On Splicer


A splicer of the two 'miscellaneous' races are the ones that look artificially made. Thus they tend to be more symmetrical or look more unique, this means their furs or skin tones or appearance tends to be FAR more various than their over all species. Such as neon green fur, or hot pink skin, or even indigo crab claws.


Though no real personality can be pin-pointed they use to be a very efficient organic fighting force so were very orderly, but the war type Splicers now seen as pitiable abominations tend to seek refuge in hidden locations so as not to feel like they will be hunted down. Despite this 'cosmetic splicers' tend to be far more arrogant and vain since they got what they asked for usually.

Solar System Influence

It was the splicers that helped Humans assisted by the Shivan to help fend off the Drevii when their own race was beginning to die out, and eventually secured Earth for the Humans, then later used to remove the Shivan of their home on mars for EarthGOV. After they were just disposed of, or at least the ones that didn't escape.


There isn't an especially 'known' civilization for this race, but the ones that hide away tend to make their homes in slums, sewers, or in abandoned wasteland cities. Whatever draws attention 'away' from them. The cosmetic splicers on the other hand tend to live where they please such as in colonies because they're rich fat cat types.


Splicer society is far more humble than one might expect, it's usually in hiding in the slums and other various locations, but Splicers tend to be rather friendly, or very shy, despite this the ones made for war tend to be very strong and power house like. Either defending themselves or even defending other splicers, that said they tend to have a market system set up in their locations and tend to be more willing to do hard jobs normal organics can't. Unless they're cosmetic modified splicers, then it's either spliced for work, or they're so well off they do as they please.

Splicer Representative

Darwin Thorsten:

   'It's ok that I'm here right? This is where the interview is being held? It is? Alright well what do you want to know? If I can help it I would rather not be here longer than I need to be'

   'Splicer history? It's pretty short but if your fine with that, that's easy enough to explain'

   'Well as some of the older humans know most of us were made using Shivan and Anshiri science to make living weapons so they wouldn't use their own people, of course that didn't work quite as planned seeing as most Splicers back in the day were Humans and later on everything else.'

   'At first it was all for Earth, that was what a lot of us believed, this war is meant to take back Earth and fix it. . . but the war didn't end there, it was after we were forced to fight the Shivan and force them out of their home that we realized something was wrong'

   'But we couldn't argue much, we knew what we signed up for. . . we didn't know what would happen to us 'after' the Solar war, a lot of us were disposed of, it was a horrible sight, so we had to fight back now and again, but ultimately there was enough peace to go around.'

   'Just not a lot of work for living weapons, and the only splicers that didn't get the 'weapon' treatment, were the ones that 'intentionally' got spliced.'

   'There, Splicer history that everyone knows, are we done?'

*The interview to the surprise of the interviewers ended rather easily, no attacks, no escorts, just payment, straight forward answers, and calm conversations*


Splicers are one of 2 races treated with very little respect over all, but are usually pitied, well the Splicers don't care for that but aren't going to make a big scene over it.

*Humans: Traitors And The Biggest Threats. They with the help of Shivans made them, so why did they find them as wastes of flesh? what did they ever do to them that would cause them this extinction act? To say the least trust for Humans is very sparse if even that.

*Drevii: A little arrogant, but not the worst race out there. Drevii tend to treat Splicers well enough, but their whole 'your trying too hard' attitude is very off putting to the Splicers.

*Cybernetics: Hope they don't fight again. Splicers and Cybernetics have a common origin of being a tool for humans and other races, so they have a sympathetic understanding with them, that's why some splicers make great mechanics, just so they can help cybernetics.

*Mytharii: Why do they keep hunting us? Mytharii find Splicers as the perfect prey to prove themselves, but for the splicers that's a terrible idea, so they end up having to be on guard when a Mytharii tribal is around.

*Mutants: Sibling Race. Mutants get some pity from splicers for being 'born that way'. But due to similar hate from other species, this tends to make them look out for one another, even to the extent of a symbiotic relationship.

*Anshiri: And they think 'we're' strange. Splicers won't admit it openly but they find the Anshiri very strange even for an alien race, just the same the Anshiri are so friendly it's given them enough respect to not say in their face they are strange.

*Verga'an: No Official Opinion. Oddly enough Splicers and Verga'an don't have long enough conversations with one another to really form an opinion of the other, they leave them along for the most part at least.

*Shivan: We Apologize For What We Did. Shivan were one of the very few races that actually respected the splicer race, they were even the aids in their creation, so when they were used by humans to force Shivans out of their homes it made them feel terrible for their deed, they feel they will never be able to apologize for what they've done.

Race Rumors

1): Said to be super soldiers a lot of the time

2): Said to be the predecessors of Mutants

3): Supposedly the closest race to Shivans

4): Maybe the reason there are so many rebels in settlements

5): Possibly radiation proof

6): Nothing but thieves with hot goods in the slums

7): Are worst than roaches in population

8): Usually a good looking splicer is due to a doctor in the area

9): Offspring are supposedly mutants not splicers

10): Supposedly an explanation for psychics which can't be proven even then

11): Have been able to blend in with other races if modded that way

12): Secretly used in major corporations as a lesser racial work force.

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