What follows is a complete RoE timeline of all major events from every race. Note that the RoE world is not our own, but rather one that has likely diverged from ours soon after the millenial transition. Note that the timeline is only for the chronological sequence of the RoE major events. Events that would be considered irrelevant to the other races must be kept to each race's individual page.


Universe is formed

4.6 - 4.4 BYA

The Solar System is formed

~4.0 BYA

First life forms in the Solar System

~30 - 10 MYA

~27 MYA

The Shivan race is formed

~21 MYA

The Verga'an race is formed

~16 MYA

The Anshiri race is formed

~10 MYA

The genomes that will eventually develop into the Human, Drevii and Mytharii species begin to form.

~200 000 Years Ago

Shivan trigger "The Ascension"

Shivan elevate Human to sentience on Earth

Shivan elevate Drevii to sentience on Venus

Shivan elevate Mytharii to sentience on Titan

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