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The Order's Emblem


The Order is an elite military force in the Imperium Armed Forces. The Order fulfills many roles, from being personal guards to the Imperator himself, to carrying out execution and containment orders involving dark magika and the heretics who go against Venus. There are many chapters within the Order, spread out across influenced worlds, holding different roles and structure depending on their assigned duties.

Earth Chapter

Among the newest chapters in the Order, the Earth chapter has been initiated as an official inquisition against the use of dark magika and is comprised mainly of magika knights. Working with the established Earth government , the Order's goal is to halt the increasingly popular use of dark magika and prevent any future void incursions. Heralding themselves as saviors of the Earth and protectors of life, in reality their intentions lay beyond the dying world and include the Sol system as a whole, as Earth has proven to be the staging ground for a potential planemeld with the void.




Grand Inquisitor







As a dark magika inquisition, the Earth chapter is authorized to study and research dark magika and related artifacts, simply to discover the most appropriate and safe means to dispose of them. This allowance is rather limited, the research materials never held for any great length of time as they are destroyed promptly once the correct methods are discovered. The potential power and application of such objects are of no interest and those who are seduced by it are subject to purification and execution.

Imperial Edict

While all Drevii have access to the Imperator's edicts, only leaders of an Order chapter have a hard copy linked directly with the Imperator's ceremonial book they are written in. These books are updated remotely via magitek anytime the Imperator amends or writes new edicts. These books are a sign of trust and respect for those who have proven themselves as true assets to the Imperium and are often revered for their personal ties with the Imperator himself.

While most edicts are for the Imperium as a whole, there are also regional edicts that apply to specific occupied territories. These regional edicts can only be viewed from the appropriate chapter leader's book, giving them the opportunity to interpret them in relation to their unique situations.


As a military force, Order chapters enforce strict uniform codes. The uniform appearances differ between the chapters.


The Order does not condone illegal behavior and are duty bound to follow the edicts set forth by the Imperium. Beyond their edicts, however, they will without hesitation ignore or even break foreign government laws to complete their tasks, but only when they conflict with the will of their Imperator.

Suggested alignments: Lawful/Chaotic Good

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