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Alignment Unknown
Territory Earth - Magika School

The Tribunal is a magika research organization originally founded on Mars by Vayna Volente, Kul Vol, and Oxy. It was recognized as an official and law abiding organization in the year of 2100, shortly after the end of the Resource Wars, and has remained a steadfast organization bent on uncovering the secrets of magika and its potential. The Tribunal has become something of a symbol on Mars for unification of races working together for a common goal, as well as a respected magika institution and research center. Ever since, the Tribunal has spread it's influence to other planets, especially Venus and recently, Earth.

The Tribunal is usually split into sections, sometimes overseen by a Magister, or other magika experts. Some of the many sects of the organization are the following :

Occult Research

Science Advancement


Blood Magika and Necromancy

Void Theorization

Artifact Procurement and Protection

Originally the Tribunal was led by a group of three immensely powerful mages known as the Triumvirate, of whom two were assigned to Mars with the third assigned to Venus. At the time, Earth was viewed as a barren and useless world up until the discovery of Earth's immense magika deposits including dark magika, upon which a Triumvir of Mars was immediately dispatched to Earth. With the deaths of the original Triumvirate, it was decided that while there would still be Three in power, there would be one with the highest authority, and two others who would support and advise the leading Triumvir. With the rapid discoveries, Earth has become a bustle of activity for the Tribunal, and the Triumvirate has since all moved to the former home of mankind, looking for secrets of magika under the shifting sands and dry wastes.

Currently Led by: Annivir Leiting, Krie Marina, and Terra.


CORE INFO (What everyone should know about the organization)

Organization Name: What’s it called

Organization Size: How significant is it? Local / Small / Medium / Large / Mega-Corporation

Primary Product: What kind of product / service does the organization provide

Location of Headquarters: Where do the ones ruling the organization reside

Estimated Number Of Employees: How many are employed by this organization

Defining characteristics: Is there a uniform way of telling who works here

Major events of System-wide importance: Has anything happened to them that EVERYONE would know about


CEO / Boss / Leader: Who is the one (s) to make the big choices

Second In Command / Major Board Members. Who handles the daily executive choices

Major locations of influence: Where are their efforts felt the most

Minor locations of influence: Other locations where the company’s presence is felt

Average level of technology: Are they using a bonfire or a gourmet kitchen

Notable events: Social stuff that would make the news and be common knowledge to most members of the organization


Allies with: Who are their allied organizations and how well do they cooperate

Competitors: Who are their competitors and how heated is the conflict

Treaties: Who do they have treaties with and what kind of treaties are they

Alliances: Who are they in an alliance with and what sort of alliance is it

Notable events: Diplomatic stuff that would make the news and be common knowledge to most members of the organization


Likelyhood of resorting to illegal means: How likely is it that they’ll sabotage or spy

Legal prowess: How skilled and renowned are their lawyers

Illegal prowess: How skilled and renowned are their spies / saboteurs

Security measures: How and how well do they keep their own facilities safe

Notable events: Military stuff that would make the news and be common knowledge to most members of the organization

ECONOMICAL ASPECTS Estimated total net worth: How wealthy is the organization.

Signature wares: What is their number one produce

Main wares for export: What are their most important exports

Main wares for import:What are their most important imports

Notable events: Newsworthy economical events that most members of the organization would know about


Major research focus: What do they spend the most time and resources on researching

Minor research focus: Aside from the above, what do they also research a lot of

Notable scientific breakthroughs: Major achievements that would make the news

Notable scientific setbacks. Major setbacks that would make the news


Major, positive organization-wide events: What would an old member of the organization recall as positive for all of them.

Major, negative organization-wide events: What would an old member of the organization recall as negative for all of them.

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