Commander Murder Puppy -Tivvy
Player: Vesaria



EarthGov - PR

Personal Data
Real Name: Vesaria
Aliases: -Removed-
Species: Mutant / Splicer
Age: Unknown
Date Of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: B Negative
Eye Color: Silver (Purple Corrupted)
Hair Color: Black / Grey
Height: 4.7 .ft
Weight: Around 60 .lbs
Biographical Data
Place of Birth: Unknown
Relationship Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: Unknown


Corrupted mutant wolf who wears a mask made from a canine skull.

Likes to teach, research, instruct, and work with Magika.


Vesaria is a small black furred wolf mutant who always wears a skull mask which covers her face. -Touching this mask is a horribly bad idea.- She bears various formations of faintly glowing purple crystals about her body, most of them isolated on her right arm and right shoulder. These crystals can be observed to move or change between meetings with her implying that she has some control over them. Her eyes, horns, and crystals have a tendency to emit a faint purple glow. She gravitates towards formal attire at almost all times and rarely reveals herself physically. Should someone touch her she will be found quite cold. She clearly does not eat enough and most likely will never be caught doing so if she can help it. Can at times be seen carrying or chewing on bones.


Some know her as the former Blood Corsairs Academy Commander and Squad Leader.

Has an uncanny ability to defuse dangerous situations before violence is required.

Contestant and winner of a publicized game show known as Dink or No Dink.

Observed to have a crippling fear of explosives and explosive based weapons.

A “Suicidal idiot” for her continued state of corruption despite rapid and uncontrollable progression.

Stared in a performance with The King of Husks to ‘open’ the Year-end Carnival in the Undercity, this performance was secretly a void ritual that resulted in leaving her fully Corrupted.

She is the first individual to discover and report a Yellow Void-creature, later known as Snickers.

She proceeded to make a public deal/exchange for her own safety with Snickers by giving them one can of Dinko: Quantum Overdose.


Anything involving Magika especially dark. Non-stone Magika included.

Maintaining and creating a positive view of responsible Dark Magika users and functioning Corrupted individuals.


Relation to: Blood Corsairs: Die.

Relation to: Colony Security (COLSEC): Have good friends in there and arguably spend more time with Col-Sec members than I do with coworkers.

Relation to: EarthGOV: I work there, keeps me safe and allows me to do what I do best.

Relation to: Ex Praeda: I am not hooking you up with a contact.

Relation to: JunkHounds: Their leaders have shown wisdom, shame as a group they are so chaotic.

Relation to: Mytharii Tribe: Cats are usually a negative for me, many of them hate me... why?

Relation to: The Order: Quite a lovely bunch when they do not treat me like a monster.

Relation to: Marshals: What? You want me to associate with sellouts?

Relation to: The Sanctum: You're seriously asking -ME- that?~