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Colony Hospital

Personal Data
Real Name: Whack
Aliases: Queen of the Dam
Species: Mutated Duneclaw
Age: 20 Earth Years
Date Of Birth: ???
Blood Type: UML+

(Unknown Mutated Fluid)

Eye Color: Faded Yellow
Hair Color: ???
Height: 1,1 Meters.
Weight: 40 Kilo Unarmored/Unarmed

220 Kilo Armed/armored.

Weapon Proficiency Blades/Axes.

Throwing Spears


Biographical Data
Place of Birth: ???
Relationship Status: No.
Known Relatives: ???
Adoptive Mother V.E.L.A.[1]
Religion Norse Mythology


Whack the Guardian of the 'Great Sands'

Shuns the bad, Protects the good.


Appears meek, Curious, and often very short.

Yet carry's often a set of armor upon its body along whid countless iron and steel weapons forged by its own claws,

Its gauntlet carry's a clear scorched sigil of the Hel'cathra Tribe, the sigil being a token of its rank as sentinel.

Other than that its armor appears too be made from an unknown Metal Compound of.. Copper and assumed High quality Irons.


Whack is often or was often refereed too as the 'Queen of the Dam', Duo too A people assume the creature is female and B the creature guards over the dam keeping it out of Hound and Pirate control, Other than that? the creature is known fore almost being a 'Guardian' among the Sentinels of Hel'Cathra, often pushing forwards whid ally's as a too tank their damage, or sticking back tending too the Injured.

Known only by a few, whack was one of the members of the Crew that raided the Old Blood Crosiers Fleet ship, effectively wiping the crew out..

Senior staff of the Colony Hospital. viewed as perhaps nontraditional, but dedicated too the work of healing, The creature cares fore the wounded, and the hurt. even if it sometimes doesn't know how too truly make their pain fade away, but it will try anyway.

Lastly the creature has also been written in Hel'Cathra History as the first Outsider/Honored too pledge its Loyalty and Dedication too the tribe on a level high enough too be the first too step into the Rank of an 'Honored Sentinel'.


The Creature seeks too bring strength too the Hel'Cathra tribe through teaching them the older ways of their kind they seem too have begun forgetting.



Hel'Cathra / Honored Sentinel

Colony Hospital / Head Doctor

Relation to: Blood Corsairs : There has been much battles between whack and the blood Crosiers in the past, Much blood has been spilled in this Conflict.. yet most of it being Corsairs.. however now days? Whack seeks too make amends fore what it had done too them.. seeking peace, and perhaps an Alliance.


Relation to: Colony Security (COLSEC) :

After the Betrayal and OOC bullshit. Whack's just looking fore a big enough bomb. There is nothing more too be said.

[Intolerable] [Horrible]

Relation to: EarthGOV : Does not trust them..

[Hateful Relation] [Bad]

Relation to: Ex Praeda : The Creature knows not much about the EXP, however it knows its leader has a questionable sense of Moral, which opts a careful hand when dealing whid them

[Unknown] [Natural]

Relation to: JunkHounds : The Junk hounds have as of late proven too be more favorable than other factions around, what has even taken too seeing them as a close allies.

[Growing Relation] [Good]

Relation to: Mytharii Tribe : Whack was inducted and trialed into the tribe thanks too Ixyrra herself, she was given the chance too join their ranks and fore an extended time served as an Honorable willing too lay down its life fore its betters.. it wasn't until recent whack raised too become the first ever 'outsider' too reach the rank of 'Sentinel' too which Whack fights whid an Unbreakable faith fore its new family.

[Unbreakable Loyal Relations] [Good]

Relation to: Scorpion Security Solutions : Connections whid the scorpions are as low as they can get. Having about no reason too care or defend duo too constant aggravated assaults and insults not too mention being randomly fired upon by simply saying 'Enemy Spotted' .. Whack fails too understand why she is seen as hostile.

[Terrible Relations] [Bad]



Metallurgy / Cybernetic fanatic

Naturally skilled in the art, whack bends and forges iron whid easy, shaping weapons of a Guardian, and Armors of Warriors, Perhaps the age of Iron has passed, but whack seems inclined on bringing it back into a new golden age.

Whack can easily operate any Forge/Industrial Machinery involving forging, tempering, or any form connected whid shaping or bending metal into tools, armors, parts or mechanical devices.

Being an Armor fanatic too, whack can easily enhance & Upgrade armor plating on Cybernetics or existing armors worn by organics, Ceramic? Kevlar? Battle armor? Power armor? Leather armor? Iron armor? Platted armor? Whack knows a bit about them all.. not too mention has found a great bit of interest in cybernetics, robots and androids, referring too them as the 'Ironed ones' whack can easily perform repairs and performance upgrades on any cybernetic or mechanical being.


Colony Hospital training

Having been trained under Hisoka himself and V.E.L.A. Whack knows the ups and down of a body, able too perform field surgery and Surgery on needing patients. has also the help of a heavy set of augmented glasses providing guidance and scans of patients body's. She can also use her more Primal mind and sense of scents too create herbal medication in desperate times.


Animosity & Feral Instincts

Counting barely as sentient half the time whack roams around, its feral instincts provide an edge in battle no training or personal preparation can ever hope too archive, The Ability too follow a Prey by their scent and track them even in the dark.. as well too survive in the wild like all animals do whid out the help from modern tools or maps, Just its claws.. its teeth.. and its mind.


Whack was just a common duneclaw, born from a packs Beta, raised like any other too hunt.. feed.. and hide behind the Alpha, less the need too defend itself. all that was all it knew.. the little scents and noises it followed everyday fore a meal but too which oneday a certain chase fore flesh was cut short by industrial convoy.. seeking a larger prey, whack naturally hunted and tried too attack one of the armored convoys.. but failed too even dent the metal of the vehicles before being shot down by the mounted defenses.. Collected being barely a child.. the creature was hurled into a Container whidout being given any further medical assistance too ensure survival.. and was transported too Neuro labs fore dissection.. and DNA farming, However.. Upon arriving.. expecting nothing but a decaying corpse inside the container the scientists.. full of themselves and eagerly hungering fore knowledge opened the container.. and unleashed unspeakable horrors upon themselves.. Surveillance camera's capture only a few glances of a small Reptile leaping out of the container and locking its toothy maw around the scientists throat.. before they both fall too the floor that soon lays coated in Human blood.. a sickening sound of teeth gnawing into bone and flesh.. tearing and mauling..before a snap is heard from the creature tilting its head in one quick motion.. and snapping the prey's neck.... Startled.. and Wounded the creature wobbles around the room while anyone else rushed out too lock down the lab.. sealing the hatchling inside.. The Camera's watched as it stumbled around the lab.. knocking and banging on the walls whid its head.. the soft flesh doing little against these iron walls.. and the creature only whimpered fore its mother.. its Alpha.. but yet no-one came.. yet.. Crippled by its Injury the creature falls too the floor.. landing in the puddle of blood from its kill.. coating its soft white Scails whid a crimson red.. the source of the fluids next too the creature.. a limp corpse.. just meat.. in the creatures eyes as it attempts too stand itself up once more stumbling through the lab.. so many weird scents and smells flowed now through its nose?.. this lab.. this.. white room was nothing like the sandy outside.. so clean.. stinking of bleach and chemicals.. some attracting the creature closer too another fluid spilled on the floor next too broken glass.. the creature approached it.. sniffed it.. and out of its animal curiosity.. licked it off the clean floor.. consuming it.. whatever the Fluid was.. the creature would never know.. never understand but the moment it touched the creatures tongue.. something had changed and it burned its tongue.. like acid causing it too leap backwards away from it.. the burning didn't stop however and it grew only more panicked and frantic about the burning upon its tongue.. but its attention was soon traced too another source of smells.. from the door the scientists had ran.. came new creatures.. new prey dawning 'black skin' whid .. bulges.. and.. black sticks in their hands? they all swarmed the room .. surrounding the creature that stood.. whid blood curling from its lips and teeth, and it snarled a warning at this creature before itself.. but they only pointed their black sticks at the creature.. a a new 'creature' entering behind them all as it was loud.. shouting.. yelling and roaring at the others.. was this these pitiful creatures Alpha?.. It approached the creature.. Unhindered by its growling warnings.. and before the creature could leap at this black one like it had whid the other that wore white.. it was knocked too the ground.. and blacked out by it.. Only too later awaken once more in the warm sands.. its head trembling.. and its sight blurry.. yet its pain from the wound it had gotten from attacking metalic creatures? gone.. it stood up only too see the giant Black creature behind itself staring down at it.. almost instantly about too leap at it the creature holds back.. it was... scared.. it didn't want too attack the black one anymore.. it.. it didn't dare.. so instead it ran.. it ran away on all its legs and fore days the little hatchling tried too find its way back home.. but its pack had already left.. fleeing these black and white creatures no doubt.. The hatchling was alone.. now doomed too roam these lands whid no pack.. and destined too die alone.. but it didn't.. over time from the black and white ones.. strange camp of hardened walls? came more metal beasts.. the creature had learned how too hunt them.. they where a shell.. shell fore the white ones too travel safely through the lands.. but then they stepped out? they where vulnerable.. and they always carried strange scented things whid them.. that the creature learned too collect, and harvest in its den.. like a collection of trophy's from every hunt.. sometimes the things if collected tickled its skin.. and made its bones itch.. but it collected them no less.. and slept ontop of them all inside its den like a looming dragon..

yet.. whid time.. and time.. it learned that its 'great collection of trophys' was what would truly be its undoing..

as greed.. can change anyone.. and anything, fore the worse.

it started slowly.. its claws getting longer.. its teeth starting too sharpen.. and its head itching where horns would spawn forth.. spikes coating its spine and thicker scails growing on its body.. every night sleeping on its trophy' was a night the creature grew stronger... and stronger.. so young.. yet feeling stronger than anything living on these sands..

The young duneclaw.. had changed.

its bone cracking while it slept.. forming new shapes.. it wasn't long before the creature couldn't recognize itself anymore it.. it didn't understand.. it looked no like its alpha.. no like its memory's of its mother anymore..

It didn't understand..

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