Yuki ElfMage
Player: Hildebrandyr




Personal Data
Real Name: Hildebrand
Species: Drevii Splicer
Age: 44
Date Of Birth: April, 2088
Blood Type: B
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Red
Height: 7'4"
Weight: 210 lbs
Biographical Data
Place of Birth: Venus
Relationship Status: Single
Known Relatives: Dragonkeepers

Moren Brandyr

D'weine Brandyr (Parents)


Yuki is the CEO and founder of Chimera, a research and pharmaceuticals company headquartered in Rise Colony.

He's a proud Venus-born red phage.

Visual description

Extremely tall, even by Drevii standards. He takes a wide stance, intentionally presenting himself as an intimidating presence in conversation. His hair is wild and unruly. He typically wears expensive clothes that he will insist are highly fashionable, regardless of your opinion of them.


Prone to flights of anger. Full of passion. He lacks fear and is self-destructive. He shows clear favoritism towards other Drevii, but does not express outright hatred towards "lesser" races.

There is a limit to his patience; he will be one of the first to stand up and insist that idle chatter is not productive.

Current Ambitions

To grow his business into an interstellar power player.

Group Relationships

Faction Rank // NA

Job Rank // Chimera Founder - Owner - CEO

Opinion of Blood Corsairs - Bad

Opinion of Colony Security (COLSEC) - Neutral

Opinion of EarthGOV - Good

Opinion of Ex Praeda - Good

Opinion of JunkHounds - Bad

Opinion of Mytharii Tribe - Neutral

Opinion of Scorpion Security Solutions - Neutral


Red Magika, particularly the use of fire and lightning.

Robotics and engineering. He commands large numbers of drones, each with a specific purpose, and his body is host to a swarm of nano-machines that can configure themselves into various tools and weapons.

Intimidation and politics.

Background and history

Commboy1 by murmoruno-daopur6
Yuki son of two dragon keepers. He grew up in a Drevii city which floats above Ma'at Mons, the largest volcano on Venus. He went to college riding a scholarship for his skill in dueling arenas with red magika, and attained a degree in engineering.

A problem alcoholic, he eventually wound up blacklisted from jobs on Venus. He came to Earth to make it on his own.

He was hired by EarthGOV, and quickly rose to the position of Dawn Colony's director. He eventually grew tired of the public spotlight, and set up a token puppet human in that Director position, so that he could focus on manipulating the company behind the scenes.

With the help of some shady contacts he met through his work for EarthGOV, he opened up his own research and pharmaceuticals company in Dawn Colony, known as Chimera.

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